How to Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp

How to Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp

One of the most famous virtual media for communication is WhatsApp that provides its users the option to block any contact. Although you know how to block someone. but struggle to know how to unblock yourself on WhatsApp. Don’t worry here is the way out.

Overview of WhatsApp

In the first place, WhatsApp is one of the most popular virtual media worldwide. It offers features like voice and video calling, messaging, file sharing. It also nowadays used in B2C Business Communication.

This virtual media along with different features maintains the privacy of its users with the help of encrypting the information or data shared through this platform. One of its security features is the option to block any contact.

Important to realize that if once anyone blocked you on WhatsApp, you will not be able to contact that person anymore through this platform. But wait there is a solution for it.


Identically, any of your contact or any individual having your contact saved in his or her phone can use the option of blocking you. If you blocked that person then you will not be able to send messages to that contact. Notably every way of connecting with that contact will be blocked for you.

But how will you understand whether anyone has blocked you or not? There are some ways to verify your phone number if get blocked. There are some signs which denote that you are blocked like-

  1. If you cannot see that particular contact in your contact list.
  2. If the profile picture of that particular contact is not visible to you.
  3. Obviously you cannot able to see his or her status.
  4. Particularly you cannot able to see the persons WhatsApp “last seen”. (Except when that person has set some privacy setting to hide last seen)
  5. In case you sent messages to that contact and it is only showing “Single tick” beside those messages. (Except when that person has kept the internet connection is off)

The first three options are primarily reliable to understand whether you are blocked or not.

Method 1: How To Unblock Yourself By Deleting Your WhatsApp Account

In case you are sure that you have been blocked by any of your contacts and you want to unblock yourself then try this trick out. It can simply solve this problem by Deleting Your WhatsApp Account from your device. Sounds crazy right?

Actually, you just have to reinstall the WhatsApp in your device from the play store after uninstalling it. To delete your account from your device follow these simple steps-

Step 1: – At first up all you can open your WhatsApp account from your device.

.open whatsapp account

Step 2: – Then after Go to the vertical “Three-dot” option in your WhatsApp which is there at the top right corner of the screen.

whatsapp three dot line in top of right cornor

Step 3: – From there go to “Settings” and choose the “Account” option having a “key” sigh beside it.

.whatsapp settings option

whatsapp account key settings icon

Step 4: – Then you will get the “Delete my account” option at end of the drop down list and select that option to uninstall your account.

whatsapp delete my account option

Then to reinstall the application again in your device go to the Google Play Store in your device and search for the WhatsApp and install it in your device again.

whatsapp install new account on playstore

Note: – if you want to decide delete your whatsapp profile, then your previous chat messages and other stuffs are not to able to show again. so that, it’s better to back up /archive all your old WhatsApp conversions after you can proceed to delete your account.

Method 2: {Setting Up A New Account} Unblock Yourself In WhatsApp

There is another way you can use to solve this problem. Instead of uninstalling your account, you simply use a new whatsapp account registered by another number. The process of setting up a new account is very easy.

setting up anew account

  • Just open another account using a different number.
  • So from that new account, you can communicate with that particular contact as your new number is not in his or her block list.


These are the easy solution to make you unblock in the WhatsApp. I hope these solutions would be helpful for you.

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