How To Tell If An Escort Is A Sting {Easy Tips}

How To Tell If An Escort Is A Sting {Easy Tips}

course Paying for sexual services is illegal. And you can go to jail for doing this. Lately, paid sexual work has increased. And so the cops have changed their methods to catch such people. They will pretend like they are the hooker or the paid workers and then arrest you. So how to tell if an escort is a sting? 

The question itself is important and here is the answer. If you see a little differently then you can easily tell if the escort is a police or not. In this article, we will discuss more about how stings pretend to be the escort and how you can detect them.

What Are Prostitution Sting Operations?

These operations are done by the undercover cops. They will act like sex workers and talk to them. They try to verify your identity with the help of chats and other stuff. You can not tell if they are cops or real workers.

They try to engage in a sexual act by asking you to meet and later they catch you red-handed and you have to go to jail for this act. Police have caught hundreds of clients like this in the past few years.

Signs That Tell You The Escort Is A Prostitution Sting

Signs That Tell You The Escort Is A Prostitution Sting

Some obvious signs can help you in identifying the prostitution sting. Make sure that you for these signs before going to meet the prostitute.

#1. They Ask For The ID Proof

As soon as you start to talk they ask for your ID means you must remember that a real prostitute has nothing to do with the ID. So even if they ask you a thousand times about your ID.

Do not give them your ID because with the help of that ID, they can reach you easily and then you have no chance to run from them. It is advised to not upload any valid government ID proof on prostitution sites as well.

#2. Talk With A Different Name

If you are paying for the sexual work then there is no need for your real name in this. So if you’re talking to them online then do not reveal your real name. Instead, use a fake name. Make sure that you use a common name so that the sting does not know that you are faking your name.

This can save you from future problems. Always talk as a different person. And if they are skiing for your address and all then do not share the right address. 

#3. If They Are Talking At Odd hours

The most summon sign is their talking hours. If they are talking at an odd hour and they talk only for a few minutes. Of course, If they reply to your message after hours then this is a sign that the escort is a cop.

If he or she is a real prostitute then she will try to set you up instead of leaving you on seen or unread. So look for this sign when you start talking to a prostitute online.

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How To Save Yourself From The Online Sting?

How To Save Yourself From The Online Sting

There are some easy that you can use to keep yourself safe in this work. Apply all these while looking for online paid workers. This will ensure that you remain safe. And all you have to do is show a little awareness. 

  • Do not meet with her as soon as you start talking to her.
  • Do not share your address and any other contact details.
  • Avaooud sharing id proofs and job details etc.
  • Set the meeting palace all by yourself and change the place at the last moment.
  • Do not pay anything in advance. Because the cop can reach you with the help of your bank details too.

When you make sure all of the things you will never get in trouble in these works. Do not rush for things. Take your time until you become sure that the other person is a real prostitute and not a string.

Punishment For Involving In Paid Prostitution Work

Punishment For Involving In Paid Prostitution Work

There are punishments that are set by the government. So if you get caught in prostitution work then you have to face this punishment. This work is illegal in any state. So there is no chance that you can save yourself from this.

If you want to save yourself then you have to hire an attorney for this. The attorney will try to prove you innocent. But in sting operations usually, the attorney fails. Because the cops have valid proof against you.

You have to go to jail for 90 days and on top of that, you will be paying a fine of $1000. This is the standard punishment. But it depends from person to person.

If you’re caught a second time then the both fine and the jail time increase. The court is very fast in these types of decisions. So you will not get much time to defend yourself. 


In conclusion, here is how to tell if an escort is a sting. These are some obvious signs that you can look for. Make sure that you apply all the strategies to keep yourself safe. Because it is very hard to get out of such cases.

This will serve as a complete guide for you to catch a sting prostitute. Some things can help the cop to reach you. Like your address and id. So never share these with any prostitute.

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