How To Tell If Online Escort Is Police {Help Guide}

How To Tell If Online Escort Is Police {Help Guide}

Are you wondering how to tell if an online escort is the police? Here is the list of signs that will tell you that your online escort (internet prostitution) is an undercover agent. They are very sharp and ask for your details. Look carefully for these signs and if you sense something wrong then do not take the conversation forward.

 How To Tell If An Online Escort Is A Police?

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Undercover cops are the main problem in doing all illegal work.  Sometimes prior coping does not involve the main work. But these days cops will act like they are one of the dealers and all. And once you fall under their trap they will arrest you.

All sexual services are banned in almost every state. Yet paying for sexual intercourse is very common. People die with this and also promote this type of thing. These days the cops have changed their techniques to catch such people.

Many undercover police officers will act like they are paid sex workers. But when you agree with them they catch you and throw you in jail. Since it is the only option left for them to reduce the crime rate. So here is the tutorial for how to tell if an online escort is the police. This will help you to keep yourself safe from the cops.

What Is Meant By Under-Cover Agents?

Undercover agents are the persons who can lead you to serious legal trouble. These are the actual members of the police. They change their appearance and look according to the sting operation. Sometimes they act like drug dealers and sometimes they act like they are prostitutes.

So they trap you and take all the information from you and put you in jail. Undercover agents catch thousands of criminals this way. It is the best way to catch Criminals.

Signs That The Online Escort Is An Undercover Agent

Signs That The Online Escort Is An Undercover Agent

Here are some obvious signs that the online escort is an undercover agent. If you are sensing these signs then take a step back before it gets too late. These signs are very obvious. All you have to do is keep your eyes open and look for these. So do not trust anyone easily.

#1. Payment Method

If prostitution is not letting you pay then this is among the obvious signs. When you ask about the payment then they will tell you about it. But they will not let you pay. Try to insist on paying. And in some cases, they even return the paid money. Real prostitution will never do this. And they will ask for the payment forest. So look for this sign.

#2. Details Have Been Asked

If the prostitute continuously asks about your details. Like your name, address, contact details, and all. A prostitute never asks for personal details. Unless you’re inviting them home. So do not give your personal information to them.

If they insist on giving the information then simply back off otherwise you will end up in great trouble. Never share your contact information instead you can give them a fake address and information.

#3. Meetings Places

If she decides where to meet and rejects your location offer. Never agrees on going to their location. This might be a huge trap. Also if you are going to meet them then change the location to the last one. If they show up then you are safe but if they ask you to come on the first spot then you are in trouble.

#4. Do Not Trust Anyone Online

The first and last rule to save yourself from caughing is not to trust anyone. Even if she is a genuine prostitute, do not blindly trust her. Confirm from every end that she is not fake or an undercover agent. Only then decide to go to meet her.

Your safety is in your hand when it comes to online prostitution. Many scammers out there just want to take money from them. Do not pay anything in advance until you completely trust them. So these are some signs to tell if an online escort is the police.

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Tips To Save Yourself From Undercover Agents

Tips To Save Yourself From Undercover Agents

Here are some tips that you can use to protect yourself from getting caught by these undercover agents.

  • Do not agree to meet them under the hype of the moment.
  • Take some time to discover if they are real or not.
  • If they act weird and you sense something different then stop immediately.
  • Never give payments in advance.
  • Never share your details and never call the home if you are meeting them for the first time.
  • It is better to contact such a person from a trusted source. So stop looking online and look for some friends who have experience in such things.
  • Try to contact the prostitute in person. It is difficult for undercover cops to act like prostitutes in real life. So try to look for the in-person prostitute then online.

These are some tips that you can use to protect yourself from any trouble. Make sure that you follow all the steps carefully, and do not take any step in the hype of the moment. Otherwise, you will have to pay a lot of fines.


In conclusion, here is how you can tell if the online escort is an undercover agent. These are very obvious signs. So if you look carefully then you will easily be caught. If you get caught then you have to go to jail and pay a fine as well. The case will then forward to the court. So it is not a good idea to trap these things.

This is a complete guide for you to save yourself. Try to contact them in person beforehand. Online chatting is easy but no one can pretend to be a prostitute in real life. So real-life hunting is a much better option than online chatting.

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