How To Pass An ETG Test In 24 Hours {Help Guide}


The ethyl glucuronide test is done when the person is accused of drinking alcohol. So this test happens with that person. It is very famous these days because of the accuracy of its results. Driving under the influence of alcohol can cause you lots of trouble. So is there any way how to pass an ETG test in 24 hours? 

There are a few ways that you can try. Because this test can detect the small amount of etg in your urine. So for some people, it can be difficult to pass the test. 

What Is The ETG Test?

When you consume alcohol then ETG is the by-product that produces in the body. This by-product can be detected with the help of a urine sample. This stays in the body for a long time so even after 2 hours this can be detected easily.

If a small ETG is produced in the urine sample then it can also detect. With the help of the total volume of this product, the doctors can also detect how much alcohol the person drank. So it is a very accurate test to detect a person who has consumed alcohol. 

For How Much Time ETG Detects In The Urine Sample?

The time limit of ETG to detect in your urine depends on how much alcohol you have consumed. If you have consumed it in a very high quantity then it detects till 80 hours in the urine.

However, if you drink a little then it will remove from the body within 24 hours. So the period varies from the drinking quantity.

If you had a little alcohol before the test then there are chances that your results will come negative. Because there are several methods to remove this from your youtube body quickly. 

Tips To Pass An ETG Test

Here are some tips that you can use to pass the ETG test. If you drink a little then you will easily pass the exam. but if you had consumed alcohol in high quantity then you have to do some hard work for this. Make sure that you follow all these to get the best results.

  1. Drink as much as water possible. The more you drink water the more you will pass the urine. And hence the more you will eliminate the ETG from the urine. If you are not able to drink much water then you can choose to go on a liquid diet for one or two days. 
  2. Exercise a lot. The more you exercise the more seat you will produce. And the body eliminates the secreting material from the body. So make sure that you sweat a lot o remove ETG from your body.
  3. Use alcohol detox drinks. These drinks will help you to remove the alcohol from your body quickly. These detox drugs will work faster than water and other things. You can purchase these from any medical store. 

Try all these tips to pass the ETG test. Only these things can help you to pass the exam. If you had consumed the alcohol in small amounts then you can do all these. If you have consumed in much more quantity then there is less chance that these will work.

Because it is not easy to eliminate the high amount of ETG from the body quickly. It requires time. You can only speed up the process and wait. 

Can ETG Produce By Beer Consumption?

Yes, ETG can be produced if you have consumed beer in the past. But it is relatively easy to remove ETG from the urine after beer consumption. Because beer has less amount of alcohol.

So ETG detects for up to 12 hours in urine samples. You can easily eliminate this much amount just by drinking plenty of water in a day.


In conclusion, here is how to pass an ETG test in 24 hours after drinking alcohol the process of elimination is very simple and it works for everyone. But it depends on the quantity that you have consumed. A small amount of ETG eliminates very quickly. But more amounts do not remove easily.

So make sure that you use the detox drinks to speed up the process for this. Because more amounts can take time and the detox drinks can help you a lot in this situation.

This will serve as a complete guide for you to eliminate ETG from the urine. these methods are best for this purpose. you do not have to do much in this process. hope you all will find this helpful.

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