How Old Was Jesus When The Wise Men Came?

How Old Was Jesus When The Wise Men Came

Many occasions are mentioned in the bible for wise men to visit. There are many things that we learn from the wise men. But many people are confused and do not know when the wise men visited Jesus. So here is how old was Jesus when the wise men came.

We will try to find the answer to this question here with the help of the bible. So if you’re looking for the answer on the same topic then you are at the right place. 

Who Were Wise Men?

There were many wise in the bible and there is no record of how many visited Jesus. But we read about the main three wise men. These followed the stars after Jesus and came to worship them. These wise men brought three gifts for Jesus on the occasion of their birth. Those gifts were:

  • Gold
  • Frankincense
  • Myrrh

These wise men were scholarly foreigners and they know that Jesus is god’s child as soon as they saw the change in the stars they knew that Jesus was born. And they left their place to meet them. Although they did not reach the right place at first. But after asking King Herod they find the right path.

The Birth Of Jesus

Joseph and Mary are the parents of Jesus. Mary gave birth to Jesus but she was a virgin because Jesus was the god’s son. An angel appeared in the dream of Joseph and asked him to accept Mary as his wife.

So Joseph accepted her as his wife and later she gave birth to a baby boy. The angel appeared in their dreams of Joseph again and asked him to anime the child Jesus as he is the son of god.

So he did the same. This is how Jesus comes into this world. They both took good care of their son. and provide him with love, care, and safety at an early age.

When Did Wise Men Meet Jesus?

There are two times when the wise men meet Jesus. It is written in the matthew2.16 that Jesus met with wise men at the age of 11 and 16. And hence we know that the wise men greeted Jesus at this age.

Jesus’ birth is a very interesting story and the meeting of Jesus with the wise man are also very interesting. Because the meeting awakened Jesus’ enemies and they tried to kill him.

So both the stories are very interesting and reflect the life of Jesus. 

Meeting Of Jesus With Wise Men

The wise man sees the star in the east. The stars showed the birth of Jesus. So they immediately came to worship Jesus. But as they move forward the start also moved forward and hence they could not find the place.

Herod was the king at that time. He knew about the birth of Jesus but he was more concerned about his throne. So he did not visit. When they came to King Herod he said them to visit Jesus and tell him about his location. He wanted to kill Jesus.

But after they greeted Jesus an angel appeared in his dream and asked them to not go the King Herod. 


In conclusion, here is how old was Jesus when the wise men came. You will get full information about this topic here. Both the birth of Jesus and the meeting of wise men with Jesus is a great story. And it tells how much people respect god at that time. They gave three gifts to Jesus. They celebrated the coming of Jesus into the world.

The birth of Jesus is explained in a very beautiful way in the bible. It is among the most beautiful narrated stories. You feel like you are seeing the story with your eyes. So people become more and more interested in the bible and Jesus. Hope you all will find this helpful.

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