How To Sleep With Intercostal Muscle Strain?

How To Sleep With Intercostal Muscle Strain

Intercostal muscles are present around the rib cage. Any strain and injury in these muscles lead to severe pain. And it is a very sensitive area so it requires time to heal as well. Till then the patient feels very uncomfortable during sleeping. Here is the guide for how to sleep with an intercostal muscle strain. The patient may feel difficulty in sleeping but the truth is sleeping is necessary for recovery.

When you sleep the body needs less energy and hence the extra energy of the body is consumed in repairing the body tissues. The healing process is directly related to sleep.

Basics Of Intercostal Muscles

Before you study how to sleep with this type of muscle strain you should know what are intercostal muscles. The human body is made from different types of muscles. The inter-coastal muscles are present in the thoracic reason. It helps the rib cage to hold together.

Hence make it firmer. And strain in intercostal muscles results in chest pain. The intercostal muscle help in the inhaling and exhaling process. Even when you do forceful inhalation and exhalation then these muscles help a lot. Hence to do physical work these muscles requires.

4 Perfect Tips For How To Sleep With Intercostal Muscle Strain?

4 Perfect Tips For How To Sleep With Intercostal Muscle Strain

Here are some tips that you can use to sleep with this muscle strain. It can be painful so you might have to consume painkillers for some time. Use all of these to get the best possible results. 

#1. Gentle Breathing

You have to practice gentle breathing until you become fully recover. So even if you start to feel better after some time you still can not do physical work. Your doctor will assist you in the gentle breathing process. You will breathe slowly. When you practice this continuously you will automatically start to breathe gently during sleep.

#2. Sleep In The Supine Position

As a matter of fact, Sleeping in the supine position is the best way to recover faster. You have to lie down with your face up on the bed. And your hands and legs are flat on the bed. This position will not let you put unnecessary pressure on your ribs.

Hence the ribs will recover faster. The supine position is among the easiest position to sleep in. If you sleep with your one side or your face down then you have to practice sleeping in the supine position.

#3. Avoid Pillow For Sometime

Pillows can disturb your sleep. As it will elevate the head and hence there will be pressure on the inter-coastal muscle. You will take heavy breaths and eventually, the intercostal muscles have to work harder.

Make sure to sleep on a bed with no pillow. Avoiding pillows will be good. It might feel strange in the start but you will eventually get habitual for this.

#4. Do Stretching

Stretching will help you in the recovery process. And the soon you will recover the soon you can sleep easily. The doctor will help you with stretching exercises. The exercises will be light and will not put much pressure on your body. You have to do these for a long time. Slowly slowly the intensity of the exercise will increase to the doctor. 

Signs Of Intercostal Muscle Strain

Here are some signs that will help you understand that you’re having intercostal muscle strain. If you see these symptoms in your body then reach for a doctor as soon as possible. Because these types of muscle strains never recover on their own. You have to take medicines and rest for this. 

  1. While moving your upper body you feel rigidity in your upper muscles.
  2. Intense pain while doing some heavy physical work.
  3.  The feeling of tenderness in the chest area.
  4. Hinderness in works like running and swimming
  5. Pain starts to worsen while doing normal breathing.

All these are the signs of intercostal muscle strain. If you are having these symptoms then you should go to the doctor. Taking proper rest is the only option to recover from this muscle strain. Because you can not put bandages on the chest area for a long time. 

Possible Treatments For Severe Intercostal Muscle Strains

Here are some possible treatments for intercostal muscle strains. These strains do not recover easily. So you have to follow all these properly without skipping a single treatment. Taking proper rest is the key to recovering faster from intercostal muscle strain.

  1. Ice therapy helps with new muscle strains. You have to apply the ice pack on the palace of injury for more than 15 minutes. Repeat this process several times a day. By doing this the swelling reduces a lot. 
  2. The use of painkillers is a must in intercostal muscle therapy. Because you experience severe pain in these muscle strains. So you have to take painkillers for some time. When the muscles start to heal you can stop taking the medications. 
  3. Surgery is the option for those who get a serious injury from an accident. In this, the muscle become completely torn. And with the help of surgery doctors either put stitches or remove the damaged parts. It happens in serious accident cases.
  4. Taking proper rest is a must for intercostal muscles. For this, you have to watch your sitting and sleeping posture as well. You have to do proper rest in all aspects. No lifting of heavy objects, no physical exercise, and no improper sleeping posture. If you will watch all these for some time then you will recover faster. 


In conclusion, here is how to sleep with an intercostal muscle strain. Sleeping with intercostal muscle strain is not impossible. All you need to follow is some techniques and a change in your sleeping posture. This guide will help you in sleeping well with your intercostal muscle injury. Make sure that you follow all these rules of sleeping.

Take proper medicines and if the pain is not reducing after 2-3 days of injury then revisit your doctor. Take your medication until your doctor has prescribed it to you. Hope you all will find this helpful. 

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