Where To Sleep If You Have Bed Bugs?

Where To Sleep If You Have Bed Bugs

It’s important to know where to sleep if you have bed bugs. Here is everything that you need to know about bed bug control. These small creatures are very painful. And they can cause serious infectious diseases. Hence it is very important to get rid of bed bugs.

Want to know where to sleep if you have bed bugs?

Bed bugs infested bedding are hard to sleep. It is almost impossible to sleep with bed bugs on your beds. These bugs are tiny. If you sleep on the couch with bed bugs, you will see rashes like small red spots all over your body. These bugs reproduce very quickly. Here they spread all over your bed and from one bed to another very quickly.

They live on carbon dioxide and can live without food and water for more than a month. One month is enough for them to breed properly. You have to call pest control if you have bed bugs. Because you cannot get rid of them easily. Since they are small. A female bug produces more than 500 eggs at one time. Now you can imagine the way they have grown in your mattress encasement.

Here is the solution for where to sleep if you have bed bugs.

Another option is to sleep if you have bed bugs

You can not sleep in your bed until you get rid of bed bugs. Because if they bite you more than a normal value then chances of getting fever and serious diseases increase. You can get an infection from the biting smell.

Here are some alternatives to sleep while having bed bugs.

1) You can change your place and sleep in another room.

2) Sleep on the couch.

3) Apply essential oil to your skin and sleep on the bed. Try to stay away from the mattress box spring.

4) You can stay in the hotel for some time.

Usually, it takes more than 3 days for pest control to come to your home and clean all the bugs. If they are cleaning then you are not allowed to stay at home. Because they spray poisonous gas that is unfit to inhale. Hence you should look for a friend’s house or a hotel to stay in for this period.

How to deal with bed bugs in bed?

Here are some important tricks to deal with bed bugs. If you do not want to leave your bed then make sure you follow all these tips. By following all you will be able to get rid of the bugs temporarily.

1) Use full clothes-

If you want to sleep in bed then go to bed with full clothes on. If you will sleep in full clothes then the bugs will not be able to bite you. The bites will not affect you. On the exposed area apply some oil. Oil will also make the bug bite slip.

2) Steam bug cleaner-

This device is made for bugs. You can use this device. This device has a high temperature and kills all the bugs that come in its contact. It is a very easy way to get rid of bugs. If the bugs are in the initial stage then you can use this device. There is a very good chance that you will be able to find it on Amazon at a very reasonable price. One device can work for years without getting damaged.

3) Use a dryer-

If you are having bugs on your bed. then make sure that you use the dryer on your clothes and bed sheets every morning. By doing this you will be able to get rid of half of the bugs in a few days.

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Chemicals that can be used in-house to remove bugs

Some chemicals are easily available in the market and you can use these at home. These chemicals are very effective on the bugs and you can get rid of them very quickly. Still try to keep these chemicals away from the children’s reach. The list of chemicals is as follows:

  • Pyrroles
  • Desiccants
  • Foggers and bug bomb
  • Pyrethroids
  • Oil-based products

You can find these in your nearby store. The using method is always mentioned on the epacket. You can also ask the shopkeeper about how to use this product. But these chemicals have the most satisfactory work on the bugs.

Tips to remain the bugs away from your bed

If you do not have bugs you surely do not want to have them in your bed. As soon as they enter your bed, it is almost impossible for you to get rid of them. Also getting rid of them permanently is very costly. So, here are some precautions that you can take to keep the bugs away from your bed and house.

1) Always use dry and clean sheets while sleeping.

2) Change your bed sheets regularly.

3) Make sure you dry the sheets in the sunshine and not in the dryer.

4) In order to spread bed bugs, clothing is one of the most common ways to do it. So if you’re staying in hotel ten check off the bed bugs beforehand.

5) Do not leave the room dirty and messy with food crumbling around your bed.

If you follow all these instructions then you will never get the bugs in your bed.


In conclusion, bed bugs are the worst and most painful things in the world. The more they will stay in your bed the more they will be red. And hence it will make it hard for people to get rid of them. Here is everything that you need to know about bed bugs. If you take the required precautions on time then you will never have to face this problem. Bed bugs took three days to completely leave your house. If they are killed by pest control. So try to avoid these at any cost. Hope you will find this helpful.

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