how to play family feud on zoom

How to Play Family Feud on Zoom (2 Easy Methods)

Family Feud is a popular American game, setting up and playing it on Zoom is easy and possible. All you need to do is set up zoom, invite family members or friends, and host the game.

In this article, you’ll know everything about how to play the Family Feud game on Zoom.

Overall, there are two methods for playing Family Feud – 

  1. Plan the Game by Yourself & Start a Zoom Meeting
  2. Play the Game Online Together & Share Screens on Zoom

Both of the methods are fun, you’ll know how to play in this article.

What is Family Feud?

Family Feud is a family game, which was inspired by the famous American television show, which was created by Mark Goodson.

The show features two families, which compete with each other by answering questions to win cash rewards and gifts. This show was aired in 1976 and until now it has maintained its popularity, and nowadays you can see online games created for this show.

To play this game, you need some players (family members, friends, or colleagues anyone can play). Later, you have to divide the player into teams and name them. You also need a Host, to ask questions, track scores, and give rewards.

To increase excitement, you can announce a gift for the winning team in starting. 

To Learn How to Play Family Feud on Zoom?

As you know, there are two methods to play Family Feud on Zoom. First is to plan the game, write questions, be a Host and use Whiteboard to track scores. The second method is to play an online Family Feud game and then share the screen.

Anyhow, for both methods you must set up the Zoom meeting first. So, If you don’t know about setup and all then let’s learn how to set up a Zoom meeting without getting into any trouble for your end. On the other hand, if you’re familiar with how to set up a Zoom meeting, you can scroll to the first method.

How to Setup Zoom for Family Feud Game?

  • The first and Foremost step is you can download the Zoom app on your appropriate Computer (This is the Direct link:-  Click here to download)
  • After downloading, launch the app and sign in with your account.
  • Now, you can tap on the ‘Start with Video‘ option to start the meeting.
  • To invite friends and family members, tap on Manage Participants and then tap on Invite.
  • Copy the invite link, and share that link with participants, so they can join the meeting. You can send the link from WhatsApp, Email or SMS, etc.

Let’s begin with how to play Family Feud on Zoom…

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Method-1: Plan the Game by Yourself 

The first method is to plan the game by yourself and invite your family members to play along. In method one, you need a Host to prepare questions in advance, and remember host doesn’t play the game.

Things Required for Method-1

  1. Host to ask questions
  2. Question bank
  3. Zoom account
  4. And a Whiteboard or paper (Optional)

How to Play Family Feud using Method-1

1) Firstly, create interesting questions to ask as a host. You can take a paper and write down 10 – 20 questions, make sure you make quirky and enough questions, this makes the game more fun!

2) You can go to this question bank (, for your game.

3) Now, you can start a Zoom meeting, invite all the players and divide them into groups, you can name the group for convenience, eg. Team 1 & 2 or Team A & B, etc.

4) If all things are set, you can start the game. However, a Host needs something to track points and show them to every player. Either a host can use physical paper or a whiteboard to note points, and show them via camera.

5) Else, you can use Zoom’s whiteboard to track points on your computer and share them via the share a screen feature.


6) To share a screen on Zoom – Look at the bottom, you’ll find the share screen option, tap on it and then tap on Whiteboard.

7) Now, another thing you’ll need here is a timer, you can use your PC’s default timer to count the time. You can also ask other participants, to start the timer after you asked the question.

8) That’s it, so that’s how you can play Family Feud using method one. The last thing to make the game more interesting is to announce a cash reward or gift for the winning team.

9) You can also take contributions from every player to give gifts to the winning team.

If you have found this method interesting, that’s good you should start the game, and If not read the second method.

Method-2: Play Family Feud Game Online by Sharing Screen

So in this method, you don’t have to prepare questions by yourself or track game points. You can directly play games online via sharing a desktop or mobile screen on Zoom.

Family Feud Online Game – 

  1. Akraduim Family Feud Online
  2. MSM Games Family Feud Game 

These are two Family Feud Online game websites, you can click on any of them, and start by starting the game.

How to Play Family Feud on Zoom Using Method-2

1) First set up a Zoom meeting, invite players, and divide them into teams.

2) Now, share your desktop screen with players.

How to share screen on zoom in family feud

3) It is easy to share the desktop screen on Zoom, just tap on the Share Screen option at the bottom and tap on a desktop screen.

4) Once the teams are been made, prizes are declared and a Zoom meeting has been set up, it’s time to start the game.

5) Then, Go to any Family Feud Online Game, and start the game.

6) Now, it’s the responsibility of the host, to read out all questions and answer as said by players.

7) Now, it’s time to play the game.

Rules to Play Family Feud

1) The host isn’t allowed to play the game.

2) Likewise in other games, The team with the most points at the end of the game wins the game.

3) If the team receives three constant strikes without clearing the board, the control is passed on to another team.

4) The team who buzzed first gets a chance to answer the question.

5) If the team who buzzed gives a correct answer the points are added to their team. However, if their answer is incorrect points are given to opponents.


As a matter of fact, Family Feud is a classic game and is loved by generations. The point of this game or any game is fun and togetherness. So don’t spend too much time, on technicalities, just enjoy it.

On that note, we should end this article, I hope you find it helpful, thanks for reading!

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