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As we have been going through pandemic plight, most of the work and classes are being online through meeting apps like Google Meet and Zoom. There is a sudden increase of downloads to these apps when they have announced the lockdown.

There are many options are available in these apps which you might not familiar with. If you are attending an interview, you can actually change the background and make it more attractive.

You can use various background instead of your original. So, here I am going to show how to change the background in zoom application.

Steps to Change/Create Background for a Zoom Meeting

1st Step: First of all, choose the background image/plane color which you want to use. You can use any downloaded images.

2nd Step: Go to Room Management and then open Zoom Rooms.

3rd Step: Click on Account Settings.

4th Step: Open Account profile and there you can see the option Background image for zoom rooms.

5th Step: Open it and upload the new image which is with good quality.

Better check the format of the image as it supports only few image formats like JPG, JEPG, PNG etc.

This step changes your default background and uploads a new background image to Zoom. To update a Mac or Windows computer to a Mac or Windows system, click in the top left corner of the zoom app and select Check for updates. Of course, If you do not see/not found the Blur option for your app, you may have an older version of the app installed.

To get the best results, you should use a green screen as a zoom background. We work from home and are used to using zoom for work and fun, and you can see how people change the landscape when they use zoom with a virtual background.

Zoom offers a few default virtual backgrounds. but you can also upload your own images to convert your zoom background into something more personal. You can click the Virtual Background Tab on the left hand side menu bar. (On the other hand, if you don’t see it, then first of all you can log in to the Zoom website and then go to the Settings > Switch Virtual Backgrounds option here.)

To change the zoom background view, download Zoom Desktop Client for your Mac or Windows computer. In the Zoom app, click on your profile at the top right and click Settings. On the Virtual Background tab, select one of the default settings of ZOOMs or upload your own image.

Add your own Background image in Zoom Android Apps | Zoom Mobile

You can change your background in Zoom.

Mobile users can change their background regardless of whether the meeting has begun or not. Before participating in a zoom meeting, select an image or video as background. The virtual background function allows you to view the background of the meeting in the zoom room.

The background filter options are located at the bottom of the More menu. You can enable or disable custom backgrounds to modify your images and videos. Once you have Virtual Background enabled on your account, you can use the Zoom app to adjust your virtual background settings.

Here are our detailed instructions on how to use the green screen to change your zoom video background image.

Zoom Meetings iOS background.

On iOS devices, users of Zoom support background changes to the iPhone 8 and iPad 9.7 Pro. Note that the zoom background on your desktop device (green screen) will not work if your processor does not meet the minimum requirements.

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