How to open multiple URLs?? Best multiple url opener!!!

How to open multiple URLs?? Best multiple url opener!!!

Of course, Sometimes we all are want to open multiple URLs at the same time. Here maximum of us don’t know how to open multiple URLs.  You can open using your browsers (internet explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox) even there are so many multiple URL opener web applications available.

Multiple URL opener Using Browsers

  By using Google Chrome

For your google chrome web browser there are two ways to achieve this.

  • Using chrome extensions
  • Using bookmarks

You can either use extensions like “Daily link configurations” and “open Multiple URLs”  or you can open multiple URLs using google chrome bookmark folder feature.

Using Bookmark folder feature

  • Just save all URLs using bookmarks.
  • Give a name for this bookmark.
  • And then open a new window.
  • Then click on the bookmark to open all tabs.

By using Internet Explorer

  • Firstly you can add all those URLs into a favorite folder.
  • Now from the menu bar click on favorite icon.
  • Then select that folder.
  • And click on open in tab group.
  • All URLs will be open together.

By using Firefox

Like chrome, you can use an extension named “Morning coffee” by using this you can customize the particular time and date when you want to open those URLs.

You can open multiple URLs by following the bookmark method as I said before.

Home page button

  • First up all you can open all the URLs.
  • Now from the menu go to tools and then select options.
  • Then go to General and then select “Use current pages” By doing this your URLs will be added to the homepage.
  •  Whenever you will click the home button from the right of the address bar your all URLs will be open together.

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