How to Obey Your Husband Sexually: Tips for a Fulfilling Marriage

How to Obey Your Husband Sexually: Tips for a Fulfilling Marriage

Have you ever tried submission in your marriage life? Sex life is an essential part of the married life. Trust me, repeating the same thing can be tiring and boring. So we are introducing you to how you can obey your husband sexually.

Obeying your husband sexually can help you to overcome your relationship problems.

A wife submitting herself sexually to her husband is not a new thing. Nowadays it is a trend. And according to the Forbes survey, 48% of women like to try new things with their husbands.

Here is how you can try obeying your husband and what things you should consider if you are doing this for the first time.

Breaking Normas About Submission in Marriage

Submission word is mostly misunderstood with unnecessary dominancy. But in reality, the meaning is very different. With the help of an example, we are trying to overcome the misconceptions about submission in marriage.

We do not own this body. There is a supreme power that regulates us. So it is very wrong to say that we owe this body. The same thing happens during the sexual submission. The wife does not have any authority over her body. But her husband has all the authority. And the opposite of this is also correct.

So submission is never one-sided. Submission can bring immense joy to your married life. It has the power to uplift any relationship.

What Are the Limits in Obeying Your Husband Sexually?

What Are the Limits in Obeying Your Husband Sexually

Remember girls everything comes with a limit. It is good that you are bringing new life to your sex life by submitting to your husband. But you should know the limits. Otherwise, it will be considered abuse, brutal behaviour and more.

Let me make you clear about those boundaries.

  1. Having consent before the submission is necessary.
  2. Any kind of activity which is harming you physically is not ok.
  3. Mutual submission is also a part of sexual life.
  4. You are being forced to do things even after denying it.

All these are red flags. And you should deny all this at the very moment if you’re feeling any of this. There is a very thin line between the dominancy and the submission in married life. Learn about that line.

What will you Get by Obeying your Husband Sexually?

Now many of you will ask what will we get in return. Because today’s world is all about give and take and this rule applies in marriage too. You can get something that will be more precious than anything in this world. Let me explain in detail.

  1. This will bring new energy to your relationship. Remember how exciting your sexual life in the beginning of your married life. Yes, exactly you can get a similar experience.
  2. You can try new things. Like new positions and more. Trying new things with your partner makes you feel more loved. Hence it brings more security.
  3. Remember to always talk about things before trying. As a result, your daily life communication will improve too. And with the help of this, you can solve your life conflicts very easily.
  4. Using sex toys in submission can create new ways to explore new things. These things might be completely new for you. But to your knowledge using Sex toys is very common and a trendy thing.

Discover the 4 Secret Rules To Obey Your Husband Sexually

Discover the 4 Secret Rules To Obey Your Husband Sexually

Now you’re aware of the value of submission in your marriage. Here is how you can do this. It is a very simple process. Trust me! It’s not a rocket science. In simple terms, you have to go with the flow of the process.

  1. If your husband has asked you to become submissive then he knows the route very well. All you have to do is follow your husband’s instructions. Just remember that you go up to your physical limits only.
  2. If you are feeling any pain and discomfort at any moment then you can stop your husband immediately. Otherwise, you can go with his instructions.
  3. If you are using sex toys in your foreplay then make sure that you are aware of all the toys that are being used. This will help you to be in more ease.
  4. Even if you’re being submissive sexually. Still your opinion matters. So if you have any specific choice then you can describe that to your husband. This will help enlighten new sparks in your sexual life. Which in turn helps you in your daily marriage life.


So we have discussed how can women obey their husbands sexually by keeping all the rules and respect in mind. One can submit physically to her husband. This helps the couples to explore new intimate ways.

With time the meaning of submission has changed.  It is usually connected with the loss of power. But it is not true. It is all bout losing something to gain more value. And the valuable thing is the park of your long distance relationship.

So never let others mislead you on this topic. And use all this to bring a new joy in your married life.


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