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Sex is the fantasy of everyone. sex dolls are made to fulfil your desires but in the covid period, the prices of these dolls have increased drastically. so here is the solution. try these homemade sex dolls at a very effective cost at home.

Homemade sex doll- How to make a sex doll

During the covid period, the demand for these toys has increased. People are stuck in their homes and hence not being able to hook up outside in the bars and all. Seeing all this the prices of sex toys increased so much. Everyone can’t afford to buy a sex doll. So the concept of a homemade sex doll is in demand. In this article, we will tell you how to make a sex doll at a very cost-effective price. These custom sex dolls are useful in many ways. This will be a one-time investment deal.

Realistic sex dolls

Masturbation and all are good. But all these sex toys give you a different kind of experience. During masturbation, you control yourself and all you have to feel is yourself. Sometimes these things turn you off. But with the sex doll, you can have someone to feel. It gives a near realistic experience and with closed eyes, you can enjoy your moment.

If you are a fantasy sex lover then this works best for you. You can adjust the position according to you. You can control all the actions and still feel realistic sex.

DIY sex doll

There are many methods by which you can make a sex doll. The cheapest and the easiest method is the balloon method. It takes around 20 minutes to complete this doll. Gives full pleasure and it does not require any special types of equipment. You can easily build this for under $90. Hence this is the most affordable sex doll anyone can make.

You can also use the vaginal male masturbator to make it more realistic. This sex toy will be easily available anywhere. And it will not cost more than $50. However, this is completely optional. It is just to increase the realisticness of the doll.

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Material required

Prepare the following materials before starting. The material required are as follows:

  • Balloons
  • Safety pins
  • Pillow
  • Towel
  • Tshirt
  • Pant
  • Mask
  • undershirt
  • Vaginal masturbator

All these can be easily found on the sores or at stores near you.

Directions to make

Now follow all the instructions given to make a ready-to-buy like a sex doll. This will be your self-made custom doll.


Put the pillow inside the undershirt from bottom to upside. To make it very comfortable use the most fluffy pillow in your room. Now fix the vaginal masturbator on the neck of the shirt. Leave room for the balloons and fix it well. You can cut a hole into the pillow to fix the masturbator into it.


To make the best use, blow out the balloons before placing them on the undershirt. You can adjust the breast size according to you. Also, you can fill water inside the balloon to have a more realistic feel. But there are chances of bursting the water balloon so try not to fill it too much. Adjust the air-water quantity into the balloon according to you and place it on the undershirt.


Fix the balloon with the help of safety puns. Be more careful on this step if you are using a water balloon. Put the safety pin on the side where you have inserted the balloon.

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To fix the masturbator in its place use a towel. Wrap a towel around it. If you are using the sift one it can change its shape during coitus so try to use the fleshlight one. It will not move an inch and gives the best pleasure. It is available at the same price. You can also check it on amazon. If the masturbator moves then it will affect the pleasure-giving movement and also alter your hip thrust movement. So use the towel properly and choose the sex toy wisely.


You can adjust the love doll according to you. So you can add a mask bra and panties to make it look more realistic. However, if you are only looking for pleasure then this will be more than enough. Just follow all the steps properly and it is a guarantee that you will love the results.

Air sex doll

This is another type of sex doll which is available on the market. It is an almost ready-made doll. The best thing is that it is very affordable and it will not require much work. It will not cost more than $100 and it is also easily available. The best advantage of this doll is that it comes with a masturbator hence you will not need to buy that separately. Also, there will be no need to collect any materials for the doll.

All you will need to know is how to blow-up sex dolls. You can use a balloon pump or a normal pump to blow this thing. Air dolls give you the best pleasure since they have a body similar to a woman and they can feel good while touching. But remember to not put too much pressure on the doll because it will make the doll burst. Also do not put too much air in the doll because it will make the doll stiff and it will not feel good and soft.

Other sex dolls

Of course, The market is filled with a lot more types of sex dolls than you may have ever imagined. Like the silicon wives, mannequins, and the customizable ones. But because of the increasing demands, the price of these sex dolls has increased by almost 50 to 60% which is very high. That’s why people are more interested in making their sex dols. However, you can directly buy the sex youts to avoid the doll tantrum.

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Custom sex dolls

Many of you might not like the concept of homemade cheap sex dolls. So for such people the only option left is the custom sex dolls. The vendors make the custom dolls according to your need. You may have many fantasies about sex and you want to do them all. For this, the vendors can make the dolls that suit your desire and that can be perfect for you. You can also choose the doll material like plastic, rubber, and silicon. There are so many options available so you do not need to worry about anything. All you need to do is describe the doll that you want.

Cost of custom sex dolls

The cost depends on many factors like the doll’s material, size and realisticness. So it completely depends on your choice of selection. You can go for the cheap options or you can also select the expensive one. The more the price, the more the pleasure will be. But the average custom sex doll costs around $500 to $10000. It can lie anywhere between this.

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In conclusion, having a sex doll is not a bad idea. These dolls may cost you much but you can go for these homemade sex doll options. These homemade dolls are very cheap and effective. However, if you are looking for a long-term solution then go for the custom dolls or you can buy a readymade doll from the market. The other replacement for these sex dolls can be sex toys. A wide variety of sex toys is available in the market now. You can also check amazon for sex toys. All kinds of toys are available there.

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