How To Fix Encountered an Unknown Error Retrieving Your Data

How To Fix Encountered an Unknown Error Retrieving Your Data

You are trying to open an application in your system and suddenly you see a pop-up saying “encountered an unknown error retrieving your data”? Has this ever happened to you? I am sure many of you have faced this error while logging into your system. Just like you, I also had no idea where this came from and what is the meaning of this.

Here is what I learned about the reason for this and the possible solution. 

Reason for the occurrence of this unknown error

There are very few reasons for this. And some of the reasons are concerning.

  1. If the particular application has bugs or viruses then this pop-up will appear. It appears as soon as you will try to open the application.
  2. Another big and common reason is poor network connections.
  3. If the firewall is running in the background then you will face this problem.
  4. Hardware malfunctions, such as faulty hard drive or memory modules can also lead to similar problems.

How to solve “encountered an unknown error retrieving your data” error?

I’m sure just like me you all are not software engineers. Hence deep technical methods to solve this problem will not work for us. I have tried a few different ways to solve this problem. And 90% of it worked. I am going to share those with you. Make sure that you try them all for good results.

  1. Try restarting your system.
  2. Check your network connection and also try switching on different network providers.
  3. Close the firewall from the background.
  4. Update your application as soon as the new version is available.
  5. Install a virus protector in your system.
  6. From time to time, clear all the cookies and unnecessary data from your system web browser.

I hope you have learnt about the occurrence of an unknown error in your system & the possible reason and the easy solution for that problem.


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