How To Fix “Mci Error No Driver Installed” Issue?

How To Fix "Mci Error No Driver Installed" Issue

Mci stands for “Multimedia Control Interface“. Have you ever faced difficulty in opening a multimedia file in your system? The answer will be yes. Because the most common error that we see is “mci error no driver installed”. And this error is very frustrating.

Mci helps in storing your audio file as well as video clips. So any hardware problem will result in the occurrence of errors. If we talk about the reasons for mci error then the answer will be many. Because we can not point to one particular reason for this problem.

I have faced a similar situation. And with the help of some research, I have come up with some good solutions. These solutions are very easy to follow. I see many users seeking solutions on the Microsoft Community regarding this MCI error code. You can remove this error within minutes.

What are the reasons for getting the MCI Error “No Driver Installed” on your system?

Some common issues i have been noticed for this error. And in 90% of the cases, the reasons are the same. So here is the list of those reasons. By understanding the reason behind one problem we can think about the possible solution. Hence knowing the reason is a must here.

  1. There is a driver in your video and audio card. If that is outdated then your video will face difficulty in opening. And in a result, you will see this error in your system.
  2. While updating applications we can expose to some corrupted files. And these corrupted files increase the bugs and caches in our system. These affect the audio and video files of your system. 
  3. Another common reason is Incorrect settings or configurations related to multimedia playback can also trigger the MCI error.

A possible solution to fix the “MCI Error No Driver Installed” error

you have learned about the reason for this error. And now we will move towards the solution. I understand if you are a new person in the technology world. So we will not jump on some complicated solutions. Even if you are a beginner you will be able to follow.

  1. The first thing that you can do is install the upgraded version of the drivers. You can also install the new Microsoft Windows version. Because that will automatically update the drivers.
  2. If this does not work for you then try reinstalling the driver. Do not panic here. By doing this, you will not lose any of your application data. Simply uninstall and reinstall the driver.
  3. By running a Windows troubleshooting system you can fix this error. Because when you start troubleshooting, It automatically eliminates minor errors in your system. So here you do not have to do much.


Not being able to play your favourite videos can be frustrating. I can understand this situation because I have been in a similar situation. Fixing this type of MCI error is not rocket science. Unless there is a problem in your hardware you can easily fix this error.

That is why I have mentioned some self-tested, trusted methods here. If these are not working out for you then you have to take your system to a professional. 


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