How To Manifest Someone To Be Obsessed With You {5 Simple Methods}

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There are many methods through which you can manifest someone. You just have to keep the person in mind that you want to manifest and your half work is done.

To learn the 5 things that help how to manifest someone to be obsessed with you?

In our life, we all like someone or we are attracted to someone. But, sometimes it becomes complicated. It is not always possible that they think about you in the same way. Many times we make efforts to make them attracted to us. But because of different reasons, this becomes nearly impossible.

But there are chances that you can manifest them to think about you. You just need to do some simple things. There is a high probability of working of manifestation. You can make anyone obsessed with you by manifesting. A common question that comes after listening to the word ‘manifest‘ is how to manifest someone to be obsessed with you? You just need to follow some things that we will tell you now.

#1. Start Wishing and Thinking

Firstly you have to start thinking about them. That person to be obsessed with you should always be in your mind. When you are doing different things, then just keep thinking about them. Wishing is always the starting phase of all things. If we have to buy something then we wish about having it. The same goes with manifestation.

It is imperative that you think about that person more and more to achieve the results you desire. Keep stalking them that will surely help you. Whenever you see them try to make little eye contact. You will automatically think about them if you are obsessed with them. There will be no extra need to put effort into wishing or thinking. Because you already do these things unknowingly.

#2. Only Keep One Person in Your Mind

You should always keep that one specific person in your mind. If you think about more than one person at a time then it will become impossible to manifest someone. Some people make that common mistake. Also, you need to be patient. Nothing goes well without patience. Everything takes time and nothing comes overnight. You will face very less difficulties if you follow these things.

#3. Remember & Checkout Always

Of course, you have to think about them more and more times per day. Keep checking their social media profiles. Keep watching their photos. These things work and you will also start seeing results soon. Your half work will be done as soon as they start getting thoughts of you. So always keep in mind that you have to keep patient and never stop thinking. You will see the results soon.

#4. Get to know about them

When you have done the above things then you have to know about their interests and other things. After that, find common things in you and work on those things. This will attract them more towards you. Belive! the law of attraction is completely real and you will see that yourself too. Start asking about them to mutual friends and people connected to them.

#5. Whisper the Name

Another thing that you can do will sound a bit crazy but works. You can whisper their name with yours at different times. For example, you can whisper that before going to bed at night. You can whisper these things in the morning too. After that when you start seeing results than just make your move and start talking to them and they will become obsessed with you in a very short period.


We know limiting beliefs is a good thing but the manifestation is a thing that really works and many people tried it in the past and got success too. If you follow these things then the person which you are going to manifest will start getting positive affirmations about you. So these were some most effective things that you can do to manifest someone who is obsessed with you.

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