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10 Freaky Things To Do To Your Boyfriend When Relationship

There are many Freaky things that you can do to attract your boyfriend to you like trying different sex positions and seducing him in a different way.

10 Freaky Things To Do To Your Boyfriend That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

So now I will tell you some freaky things to do to your boyfriend that will make him more excited during sex.

#1. Some new initiatives that will excite your sexuality

You can use some things that can make your sex better to do your boyfriend and more exciting. For example, you can use whipped cream on your lips and then start kissing him. This trick is surely going to work on him and make him mad. Other than that you can also use ice cream cones. You can tell him to bite it from another site and the other side starts eating it. This will make you both come closer and make your foreplay more sensational. Ice cubes can also be used in a little hot season to make him mad. This can drive him crazy.

#2. Having sex is the quality magic that attracts your boyfriend to you

As we know nowadays sex is one of the basic requirements of a relationship. Every couple wants to spend a good time with each other and sex is a thing through which they can spend a good time. Sex is the thing that connects a couple physically as well as emotionally to each other. Many relationships also break due to having fewer or no intimate relationships.

So you have to make sure that your relationship runs perfectly and no problem comes due to sex. Less intimacy can also cause fights and arguments. Many guys like to have sex in different styles. So if your boyfriend is one of them then you should keep doing some freaky things to him. This will make him more attracted to you and this can improve your relationship too.

#3. Being more seductive and aggressive during sex

You can do many things that will surely help you to increase your boyfriends’ interest in you and will make them feel more Horney. You can just increase his interest by making sex life more enjoyable. There are many methods you can choose to make it better. Being more seductive and aggressive during sex can increase his interest. This in turn may lead him to become more attracted to you and begin to crave you more.

#4. Understand your boyfriend’s preference make a surprise

Lover romance at night

You can ask him what things he like during sex and then you can apply them when you’ll have sex. For example, you can ask him which position he prefers most. After that you can do sex in that position will make him mad. Many guys start feeling a little bored in one position so you have to make sure that your boyfriend doesn’t feel this kind of disinterest.

This is up to you to make him feel good in bed. Other than sex positions you can try to foreplay last longer. It will excite him more and surely you will find this by his actions. Long foreplay is the thing that excites men more. You can kiss him more to make him feel good. If you apply these things during sex then you’ll surely see his interest growing in you.

#5. Changing positions

During sex, you should not always stay in one position. This can be frustrating sometimes and can ruin your love life. By playing with multiple sexual positions, you are able to drive your boyfriend crazy. Having sex in different positions could be magically good. Maybe he will enjoy a new position. You can search for different positions on the internet and then say to him to do sex in that position. This will grow his interest in you and attract him physically more towards you.

#6. Attract your partner by using sex toys

Other than sex positions you can make him mad by having oral sex. This will surely blow his mind and you will see that he’s getting mad at you and his excitement will increase. There are many sex toys available on market too. These toys are very exciting and when used during sex they can make anyone more Horney. You can easily order sex toys from different websites. Many websites and companies are making sex toys now and they are in demand too. The reason for their huge demand is that they help you to make sex more interesting and playful. You can also say your boyfriend to bring some sex toys to enjoy sex.

#7. Change places

sex position and change places for lovers

Having sex at different places is another thing that can be a savior to make sex more interesting. For example, you always have sex in the bedroom. But if you are bored of that then you can have sex in the living room. If you are bored of the living room then you can have it in the kitchen or bathroom will be more interesting and seductive. These places are best for foreplay and will make him attracted more towards you. You will see him always wandering around you.

#8. Erotic vision enhances your boyfriend’s feelings

There are many ways through which you can seduce him. When you are talking to him and you are not alone then always do eye contact with him and see him seductively. By doing this you can excite him more and he will crave for you. Play games with him like strip poker and strip for him.

#9. Share sexy photos and video calls for your boyfriend

Romantic video call for lovers

Other than that talking dirty on mobile phone calls and video calls will also help you to come closer to him. When you both are far then send him a sexy photo or video of yours and let him think about you. When he will think more about you then he’ll surely try to meet you as soon as possible.

#10. Try role-play

Role-playing is another method to seduce him. Playing the role of some visual creatures can also be helpful. Whenever you meet him, always kiss him passionately and show him, love. You should always choose your item of clothing wisely whenever meeting with him. Ask him which type of clothing he likes and wear clothes that will seduce him. You can also try lingerie during foreplay to make him mad at you.


If you apply these above tricks to seduce him then your boyfriend is surely going to be mad at you. And also you will see his interest increasing in you day by day. So just apply these things then see your boyfriend falling for you.

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