How to loop a video on iPhone {Step By Step Guide}

Feature Image- How to loop a video on iPhone {Step By Step Guide}

All You need to know about how to loop a video on iPhone

In this article, We’ll learn how to loop a video on an iPhone. Looping is one of the internet’s favorite trends. It is a process in which a certain video or an image keeps on repeating or looping when played in a multimedia app. A great example of a video loop can be Instagram’s boomerang filter, which made looping a trend on social media.

Later, The parent company Facebook adopted the same filter under its own status section. Other platforms like Snapchat with their Multi Snap and TikTok with the repeat option have also onboarded this trend. Of course, If you are an iPhone user and wish to know how to loop videos or images, I’ll be sharing a simple guide that you can follow.

If you have been tweaking iPhone features, you would know that the iPhone already has a Live Photos option inside the Photos App. If you are not aware of that, Live Photos is an inbuilt IOS option that makes your iPhone shoot frames 1.5 seconds before the picture is clicked. You also have the option to manually change the shot. And select the frame as you wish to create an infinity loop.

How to create live photos on iPhone & how to loop a video on iPhone

Although, before you start creating looping videos, You would need to have Live Photos. To start creating Live Photos, you just need to Open your Camera. And then click on the Live Photo option. You can find the same in the top right corner of the screen.

Start to creating live photos in iphone

Step-1: If you wish to see all the Live Photos that you have shot on your device. You can do so with the Photos App. And then Go to the Albums following the Media Types and Finally to Live Photos.

Live Photos Album

Step-2: After you click on the Live Photos, it will promote you to the Live Photos option. From your, you can choose the picture that you wish to create a loop.

Choose picture create a loop

Step-3: Once you select the photo from the given option, You will see the picture would appear on a full screen. And that you will see a LIVE option on the top-left side of your screen. This option indicates the appropriate picture shot using a live option. To view how the picture would play out, Just click on the image. And hold to see the end result. Once satisfied, click on the live button.

Live option

Step-4: Once you click on the Live button option, You will see multiple options in the drop-down menu. From here, you should choose the bounce option to create that back and forth or boomerang filter. Although you can also choose the loop option, it will only put the series in frames, and it will not look very smooth as in other social media filters. Although, You can experiment with all the four options to see how all would play out.

Bounce option

Step-5: Although, after choosing the ‘bounce’ option, you would be able to see the end result of your image getting looped. But that doesn’t mean that it is saved on your device And that you can share the same with others. To do so, You would need to save the file. For that, Just click on the share button on the left side of your screen. This will prompt a window with many share options. Just click on Save to Files; So that you can directly find your GIF in your Photos app.

Save to files option

The limitation of looping videos on your iPhone devices

A lot of people believe that you can create a loop directly from any video or image on your iPhone app, But that’s not true. This is not possible because the IOS does not provide any natively built feature which would allow you to do this. Although, there are ways around making a loop video. This is what is called “Live Photos”. What you have to do is First Capture photos through this option. And then convert those into loops.

The final Live Photos are edited to create either video Or GIF that can be shared with anyone directly from your phone.

This means that you can create Boomerang’s features without the help of Instagram.

Although, If you just want to convert your videos to loop. You can’t do so with the photos app. For this, you have to rely on third-party applications from the App Store like Boomerang Maker to create a loop with your videos.

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