How to keep c-section incision dry when overweight

How to keep c-section incision dry when overweight

We are going to discuss this article about how you can keep a c-section incision dry when overweight. Here are all the tips that you can use to dry your wound if you are overweight. c- section is very common these days. As a matter of fact, the healing process of the body is different. So, you have to take good care of your wound.

To learn how to keep the c-section incision dry when overweight

C-section is among the major surgeries. This surgery is becoming very common these days. The doctor advises having a c-section when there is a complication in your pregnancy. Some cases can not be done without a c-section. However, a caesarean section is common and heals very quickly but if you are overweight then your belly will cover the surgical site. Which makes it hard for the scar to dry. So here are some tips for how to keep a c-section incision dry when overweight.

The healing process of the scar depends on how you care. The more carefully you will treat your scar the more quickly it will heal.

 Chances of having a c-section

Certain cases decide whether you have a normal delivery or a c-section delivery. The doctor decides this after seeing your ultrasound reports and all. Here are some conditions that lead to c-sections.

1) If your baby has the breech presentation then you will have the c-section. Because this position makes it difficult for the baby to come out.

2) If your baby has a transverse presentation then you will have to go through a caesarean.

3) If your baby poops inside your uterus before the delivery. Then there is a high risk that your baby will suck the dirty liquid. So the doctor does the c-section immediately in these cases.

4) If your amniotic fluid is low in value then you are a caesarean case.

So these are some cases that lead to caesarean. However, there could be more reasons. It depends on what type of pregnancy condition you have.

Why caesarean healing is difficult for overweight women?

If you are an overweight woman then you will face problems in the healing process of your c-section surgery. It is because due to the body fat the doctor will make a deep cut in your belly. Hence more veins will rupture and the deep cut will take more time to heal. Another important thing is that your belly hangs so it will make it more difficult for the scar to dry. Obese people have weak immune systems. So there are chances that your body might not handle the surgical procedure and you will feel more pain. And eventually, the healing process will become slow. The doctor will give you medical advice before your c-section and she will explain all possible complications of the caesarean.

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Tips to dry incision of caesarean

Wound healing is very important in any surgery. Here are some tips that you can use if you are overweight and have a c-section wound.

1) Sanitary pads work best to help dry the scar. If you want to help the scar fast then you have to protect it from moisture. And overweight people sweat a lot. So put a sanitary pad on the scar. Put the soft side on the scar.

2) Another good method is to keep the towel between the wound and the belly. Now even if your belly will cover the wound it will not get wet. And hence it will heal faster.

3) Cover the whole scar with bandages. Ask your doctor to cover the whole scar with bandages. But remember you have to keep changing the bandages every 6 to 7 hours. And the same goes for the upper two options.

4) Now you have to keep the wound away from the bruise. So wear high waist panties and wear loose clothes. Let the wound breathe a little. So try to keep it open for a few minutes during the day.

These things will help you to dry your wound quickly. However, you have to be very cautious in this. Keep checking for signs of infection.

What is the sign of infection?

Even if you are taking good care of the wound. But you should keep looking for signs of infection. If you see any then reach out to your doctor as soon as possible.

1) If you see some yellow colour discharge from the wounds then it is a complete sign of the infection. Go to your doctor as soon as possible.

2) If your stitches are taking too long to cut then reach your doctor.

3) When you start to smell some foul smell from the wounds then you should see a doctor.

4) When the redness around the wound persists for a longer period then it shows some kind of infection.

There are many reasons for having an infection. Your previous medical condition and other medical conditions play a great role in the infection. Sometimes you take good care of the wounds but still get infections. It is because of other medical conditions in your body. So never think that you did not take good care of your wound.


In conclusion, here are all the methods to dry your c-section wound. If you will follow all these along with your medications then you will see the results very quickly. Whenever you feel uncomfortable just go to your doctor. Remember whatever you are keeping between your belly and the wound, make sure that change that in some hours. Because if you keep one for a long time then the chances of getting an infection will increase.

Read this and take your doctor’s advice too in your case. Take a good bed rest and make sure that you give your wound proper time to heal. Eat a balanced and good diet. Your medications along with your food intake play a great role in the healing process. After reading this article, I hope you know how to keep the c-section incision dry when overweight.

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