How To Escape The Simulation {Easy Tips}

How To Escape The Simulation {Easy Tips}

Of course, Simulation is the theory that most people believe in. So, people want to escape this simulation. However, if the simulation theory is real then there are chances that we are in a loophole. Here are some tips to escape simulation.

To Learn How To Escape The Simulation

Some many valid facts and theories describe that we are living in a simulation world. It means that everything around us is not real. However, most people do not believe this. But there are many people out there that are very interested in the topic. And eventually, they want to escape this simulation world and enter into the new and real world.

Today here you will learn more about the simulation and how to escape the simulation. Some people think that it is total rubbish but many pieces of evidence prove simulation. So we can’t ignore this completely.

What Is Simulation?

Simulation believes in the power of computers. So, according to the simulation hypothesis we are living in a world that is run by computers and we have no idea about that. We can not distinguish between the real and reel world because the base reality is the same in both places. But even in the simulation your thoughts and what you do matters. So if you think about going out of this simulation then you can do this. Here we will discuss how you can escape the simulation.

Reason To Not Escape Simulation

Reason To Not Escape Simulation

There are many reasons that we are not able to escape the simulation. Some of them are as follows:

1) Your inner will plays a great role here. The prime reason to not escape the simulation is that we people do not want to escape this.

2) Another reason is that those species that become capable of escaping the simulation become extinct. So, they can not escape the simulation.

3) Last but not least is that we are unaware that we are living in a simulation. Inner denial is the key that most people do not even think about.

These are some basic reasons that describe why we are still in the simulation.

Best Tips To Escape Simulation

Best Tips To Escape Simulation

Many thoughts believe that simulation is like a video game and we are the characters of that video game. Which means that we can never escape the simulation. Even if we try we will only jump from one scenario to another but we will never be able to completely get out of this.

However, many ideas tell us how we can escape the simulation. Some of them are mentioned below.

1) Always be aware of your surroundings. Try to be more conscious. Do not let the wrong thoughts distract you from the conscious world.

2) Keep yourself busy. Do not give the simulator a chance. Keep yourself busy finding new habits and all. So that makes you move more and you will keep yourself in reality.

3) Remember that even if you are living in the simulation you have to love your life. So those things that make you happy. And enjoy your life. Because if we are in a simulation then your family and reaction do not matter to you.

4) Keep thinking in your head that you are simulating and you want to escape this. Think hard and repeat this thing in your head again and again. It is true that the more you think, the more ideas you will come up with. Remember do not harm yourself in that. Because even if we are in simulation our base reality is the same.

So if you will escape the simulation then still you will remain in this world and you will live your life.

God is the biggest simulator

No one has the answer to the question if we are in simulations then who is simulating us? Most people believe in the almighty power and they think that god is the biggest simulator. However, science doesn’t believe in the theory of god. But maximum people that believe in simulation think that god is the simulator of the whole world.


In conclusion, simulation can be real. And most people believe in the existence of simulation. Here are some tips to escape the simulation. You can try these if you are on the list of people that believe that simulation is here. Simulation is a very big topic to discuss. So we can not discuss the complete simulation here. But there are some ways that you can escape simulation. It is my hope that you will find this post helpful in your attempts to escape the simulation.

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