how to increase the trial period of any software

How to increase the trial period of any software

Today we’ll learn how to increase the trial period of any software. Software’s are the essence of any computer device. Without It, there is not much fun. From your browser to your calculator they all are software. Mainly there are two types of software paid and free. Indeed, there is freeware, Hierarchy, and many other types. But they all can be summoned for only two; PAID and FREE. If you are using a paid software, That offers a trial period.  Because they want you to use their software and see for yourself. This is very much true for premium software like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

Increase Trial Period of Any Software Using Windows Registry

Windows Registry is accounting software for computer programs. It takes different commands from software and registers them in a computer language. Software companies create programs that automatically communicate with the registry. And tells the software if the expiry date has arrived. This works even if you change the date from your local PC, Or disable the internet connection. Do not get upset after thinking about this. We have an advantage to ourselves. Windows Registry is on our PC, And we can modify it; However, we like it. So It’s accounting software that can be used to make any changes you want. And you can communicate with the software and keep changing dates. So the software never expires.

Step 1: Click on the Windows + R button together. After clicking the button you’ll see a small dialogue box appears. You need to enter Regedit And, click OK. Once you do that you’ll get directly to the registry software. In case, you are asked with permission just click OK for all of it.

Step 2: After you are on the registry software, This may look a little scary. But you just need to look for  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE on the left of your computer screen. From there you need to click on Software and choose the software that you want to modify for any changes. Now that you are here, You need to delete all the keys that maybe there, Do not worry, It’s like Clear Data for PC. It will not break the software.

Step 3: Great, Now we need to visit HKEY_CURRENT_USER and then Software, In here, We need to find the program we are looking for. And similar to the above step delete the Key as well.

Note: Do not hesitate to delete any keys, Because the software can reinstall any time we want. Just make sure that you are in the correct directory, For that just check if the above directory name is matching with your software name.

Step 4: Now that we are done with the hard step, We need to take care of some little details. Click on the Windows + R button like earlier. And you’ll see the same dialogue box has appeared. Now you need to enter the following command into it: % temp%. Once you do that, You’ll see a number of files in the folder. Press Control + A and click Delete, These files are just junk and are just piling up some space. Do not hesitate to delete them.

Step 5: This is an important step, That you need to follow. Some software may work with just the above step. But we’ll take the extra mile to make sure that we do not run into a failure. So go to your file explorer. And look for the installation path of the software. If you do not know, Right-click on the software ICON and click on Open File Location. Once you are here, You need to look for three folders Locallow, Local, and Roaming.  If you find them delete them Immediately. Look for sub folders as well for searching them. Make use of the search bar and look for the exact name.

Step 6: Voila, We have done it. Now the only thing is left is to Restart your Device. And once you do that you’ll have a new software free from the bondage of trial periods.

Step 7: This is not a part of instruction, But a simple solution If you run into any problem. If you face any difficulty opening or the software not working properly, Just reinstall the software back.

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