Top 8 Troll and Prank Websites In 2022

Best Troll and frank website 2022

Troll and prank websites are some of the most loved ones on the internet. If you are looking to prank someone or trying to panic them into something. Then this guide will be a handy reference point. Because In this article, I’ll share with you Top Top 8 Troll and Prank Websites In 2022. These websites are totally safe and very fun. So without further a due, let’s start this article.

1) ShitExpress

If there is something that we all can agree with; Is that delivery pranks are super funny. And what could be even great that you can do anonymous pranks from the comfort of your home through a website? If that sounds fun to you; Then this website helps you achieve that; It lets you deliver animals shit to someone’s house anonymously.

2) Fake Updates

Technology can sometimes overwhelm people, Who are not great at it. And you can take advantage of it. There is an amazing website; That’s let you fake updates and error pages that you can visit through your browser. Once you are there, Just press F11 to make your browser full screen. This will give an idea of the actual update. And can make the person a tiny bit anxious. Of course, this is one of the best and worth troll websites.

3) Hackertyper 

It’s cool to type and do some good programming. But If you like many people, And don’t know how to do It. Then this website is very good one for you. It automatically types code for you. You only have to click any random keys and pretend that you are writing code. And the website will write real functional code for you.

4) Blow Up The Phone

This one is hands down one of the best prank websites. Because It lets you send random messages and calls to your friend. And they will never know who sent those messages. It’s all fake and for some time only. You don’t have to worry that they will keep sending the junk every time.

5) Send Random Facts

Have even been annoyed by your smart friend, Who always throws some random facts on you. Now It’s your time to get things even. Send Random facts to let you send random facts to your friend. This will make your friend think about, Why his SMS is being filled with this junk. It’s a really fun website for pranking.

6) Fartscroll

Fart is one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to you. But that doesn’t mean we can’t let it happen to our friends. Fartscroll produces different Fart Sounds as you scroll your website. Think about it, your friend scrolling through the presentation page, When the Fart sounds start coming. It will be a Hilarious experience to remember.

7) Fake Whatsapp Messages

Trick your friend into believing fake messages identical to those from Whatsapp. It’s simple and very efficient. Just create funny names and messages. You can create memes through this wonderful trick. Believe me! It’s one of the best pranks on the list. And it’s absolutely free to download for both apple and android phones.

8) NewsofFuture

If you are bored and looking for a good prank website; Look no more, NewsofFuture will entertain you for hours. This is great and I believe you’ll love this too. Everyone wants to know the future. and seeing a website that offers news like ‘Flying cars can now fly in space’ or ‘Humans can grow food on the moon doesn’t sound amazing. I hope you enjoy these Top 8 Troll and Prank Websites In 2022, Stay tuned for any new updates.


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