How To Delete The FLO Account {Help Guide}

How To Delete The FLO Account {Help Guide}

You may have heard about many period tracking apps. These apps required your personal information and then you can track your periods, ovulation, luteal phase, and many more. So these period tracker account helps women a lot in tracking their periods in tier busy work life. Flo is one such popular app. But have you ever thought about how to delete the flo account?

In recent days more and more women are deleting the menstrual cycle-tracking app like Flo.

Flo does not have the direct option to delete your account. So here are the steps that you have to follow to delete your account.

Why Women Are Deleting The FLO Accounts?

Recently the supreme court’s decision to ban the abortion is main reason why women are deleting this app. Because the data in this app can be used against them in court. This app takes your email address details and all other personal information.

And even give warning signs if your periods are late. Hence this can create a threat to many women out there. A recent case in the court has evoked accounts deleting things in women’s.

Steps To Delete FLO Account

These period tracker apps have your data. So even if you uninstall the app from your mobile phone the data will remain in your account. So deleting the account before uninstalling the app is necessary. Here is how you can delete the account.

#1. First of all, Login into your FLO account by using the correct entails of the account.

#2. Now go into the top left menu option. You will see three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the app. Click on that.

#3. Scroll down a little and click on the ‘help” option. 

#4. As you move down on the page you will see an option of “contact us” at the bottom. Tap on that option.

#5. Here you have to enter your email address. Make sure that you use the same email that was used in creating the account. Then add the subject and then the description. After that hit the submit option.

That’s everything that you need to do from your end. The process is simple. Just make sure that you enter the correct email address.

How Many Days Does It Take To Delete The FLO Account?

The maximum period to delete the flo account is 90. However, if you have filled in the right details then they can delete the account very early. In some cases where the users enter the wrong email, they need to verify if it is the same user or not.

So they can ask for your identity proof. If you’re facing difficulty in deleting the account then you can always reach out to the flo team through


This is the step-by-step guide to delta the flo account. The process is simple. But it can take some time to delete your account. So make sure that you enter the right information in the first attempt. This will save you some time.

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