How Many Women Like Seeing Men in Thongs?

How Many Women Like Seeing Men in Thongs

In this article we will see how many women like seeing men in thongs. It’s interesting! Isn’t it? Here is what women think about me wearing a thong. Most women do not mind if a man wears a thong. Thong makes you look sexy. Women have a lot of options to look sexy but men have only a few options.

How Many Women Like Seeing Men In Thongs?

It is a surprising fact that during the initial days the thong underwear was built for them. They give more support and comfort to the men. But later on, it was adapted by women. Women use these as sexy underwear. But these can also be worn by men. There are many men out there that use things instead of regular underwear. Many people connect this topic with social acceptance. So, here is the information about how many women like seeing men in things. Although everyone indeed has a different opinion. So, all this is based on a general basis.

Guys’ opinion on thongs

Men wearing them have a limited choice. While the women has a lot to choose from. So they think that it is better to have some choice for themselves. Even though these are sexy underwear and can be used for foreplay and sexual arousal. It is always a good option to have more choices. Who around us does not like choices so the same thing does with the men out there.

Are thongs good for men?

As a matter of fact, wearing a thong may be uncomfortable. If you are wearing these for a small period then it is good. But thinking technically then it is not good to wear them for a long time. It is because they apply pressure on the genitalia. And it can cause irritation and other disorders. But if you like wearing thongs then it is suggested to wear in one size loose. So, that it doesn’t tighten on the genitalia. Men’s anatomy is different from women’s. So they need more support in their genital area than women.

Women’s opinion on thong

Most women think that men in a thong are sexy. They see this as a foreplay option. And some women do not mind what type of underwear you are wearing. So, most women accept the fact that men can wear thongs as well. Women have a lot of options to look sexy. But men have a few options. And thongs are the best way to depict that you are sexy. 80 to 90% of women do not mind men in thongs. Although there are still some sophisticated women that think that things are not for men. But in the past few years, there has been a huge change in men’s minds. And they have accepted the thongs as daily underwear. So the thinking has changed in the past years.

How do know women like a man in a thong?

Everyone has a different opinion on men wearing thongs. You can not change someone’s opinion. But you can know their opinion. If you have your partner then you can talk about this with her. Talking is the only way to know someone’s opinion on this topic. It is a very normal question to ask your friends and the women around you.

Many women do not mind this so most of the time you will get a positive response.


In conclusion, here is the information about what women think about men wearing thongs. The thinking in the past has changed these days. And women like men in thongs. It is a sexy way to depict your body. So they find it very attractive. Women have a lot of options to look sexy. But men have a few options and thongs come in as the first choice.

All the relative information are-mention here. So if you want to wear a thong then you can wear it freely without thinking about others’ opinions. Men even wear the g-string these days. So all these things are completely normal for men as well.

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