How to change Bluetooth name on iPhone Devices?

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When you switch on your Bluetooth to connect it with some device. You have to check the device name that you are correctly connecting to it. We think many of us are facing this problem and do not know what to do at that time. so, here are some of the steps we are showing you how you can solve the problem.

After connecting your device to the iPhone how will you change the Bluetooth name?

Even apple do-not support transferring the files to other devices but it has the functions to connect it to the Bluetooth device of the speaker, wireless earphone, etc. To make it more understandable it is important to give each device a name. So, follow the steps given below and then you will understand it step by step to change the name of the device.

iphone settings option

STEP1:- First of all, You can open the setting option on your appropriate iPhone.

Settings option on iphone

STEP2:- Chose the general option on the screen.

STEP3:- Click on the about option.

iphone about option

STEP4: Click on the device you want to change the name.

Bluetooth device name on iphone

STEP5:- Write the new name in the box and click on the option done.

iphone change bluetooth device name screen

What is the procedure for changing the name of a device connected to your iPhone?

Some of the Bluetooth devices show the product name like mac, iPhone, Android, etc, in front of us which gives it a very challenging time to decide which one you can connect to the device. So, there is also the option to change the device name directly from the phone. there is an “i” option at the end of the name and a small dialogue box will appear in front of us.

You will find the name of the device there. Then, you will have to backspace the name written previously and write down the new name for the device. then click on ok. If you are showing many devices and automatically connect to your device.

This also becomes a big issue. So, Then go to the setting in the Bluetooth then click on the device connected to your iPhone. Then just click on the forget device, then in the future, it will not connect automatically and will not have a problem.

What to do if we face a problem in connecting the Bluetooth devices to our iPhones?

If you are facing this type of problem. Switch off your phone then restart it again and then connect it to the Bluetooth device. If again you are not able to connect then forget the device and then again pair it to the phone. Now, you will be able to connect it by seeing the name of the Bluetooth.

These steps will help you to distinguish between the device you want to connect to your device. So, if you change your Bluetooth name then it becomes very easy to identify and use it. The phone also provided this function which helps you to change the name. To make it more recognizable you can select unique names for your Bluetooth devices. This name which you provide to your Bluetooth device or accessory gives them a personalization.

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