How To Be The Girl Every Guy Wants {6 Tips}

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In this article, I’ll give you a few tips that will make you stop searching for how to be the girl every guy wants; Because if you follow this article, You will become that girl. There are hundreds of opinions that would suggest you either buy this or that product to attract a guy. But in reality, It is your personality that would attract a guy, not some product. That’s why this article is not about suggesting you buy any product, But giving you tips that have been working since sages. 

Here Are Some Tips On How To Be The Girl Every Guy Wants

1) Be Confident

Be Confident

Confidence breakthrough gender boundaries, Whether men or women, confidence, makes anyone interested in you. This happens because of our evolutionary trait, When Homo sapiens were hunter-gathers they used to hunt together, And look for individuals who were confident. Being with someone confident would ensure the survival of the species. This is a reason; when our brain senses someone to be confident, We automatically start to associate with them in a mating way. So girls you are looking to get the guys, show confidence and be confident. Not being confident would make everything else redundant in this article. You can experiment with confidence without anyone’s help. Just stand straight tight in front of the mirror, And speak about yourself proudly, unapologetically, yet not like eco-centricity.

2) Be Yourself

Be A Good Listener

While in the race of impressing people, We lose our own colour. And this could be quite bad when you want to stand out and attract guys. Humans are not to be mimicking others, It may seem someone is quite popular in school, and that they attract lots of guys. That doesn’t mean dressing, and talking like them would gain you the same traction. Guys like women who are unique, and independent in their thinking. Pick any movie you would like, And see if the female protagonist has any similar traits compared to other female characters in the movie. You like the protagonist, You root for her; Because she is unique. If you want the guys, be unique, And be yourself. 

3) Be A Good Listener

Be Yourself

This is the best way to be the girl every guy wants, while you want to express yourself more often than not. You should not try to take control of the conversation. Without giving enough time for the other person to express themselves can give them a bad signal from your side. Think this way, When you listen to a person they feel appreciated and look great upon you. Guys have a lot to say, and they need someone who would listen to them without judgment. When you listen, you also learn about the other person, And the more you know about him, The better you would be able to approach him. 

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4) Drive Conversations

be the girl every guy wants

While it goes without saying that you should be a good listener, This does not evict you from being a good conversationalist. When referring to driving conversation, This means that you should be able to learn to mold your conversation according to whom you are talking. When a Guy notices that someone is being interested in what they want to listen to, This makes them like the other person in many folds. This technique can also be called manipulation, But to put it simply, you can say ration and directed conversation. These may include talks about sports, When you will be willing to talk about a sport that you don’t even watch to drive the conversation, The Guy would look to you in the respect that you are making efforts to open up. 

5) Be Frank, Not flirty

be the girl every guy wants

While being flirtatious is a number one turn-on for many guys. It should not be your first approach to open up with them. You should rather focus on being frank, And later on the journey transition to being flirty. This means being open, talking you hear, But just don’t give it all in. Tease with your conversation, But don’t make a conclusion and open-ended questions, And if the Guy is trying to bring up the flirting, try to divert the conversation. Of course, don’t change your tone, keep being frank, and don’t keep a signal that you are not interested. But don’t be like you want to date him, either. Let the burden of interpretation be upon the guy. 

6) Be Seductive

be the girl every guy wants

This is the step when you knock the guy into your arena. Once you have expressed yourself, understood the person, And are a bit frank with him. Now you can start to open up with your intention of dating him. This is the period, Where you can turn your frankness, Into yours Flirty. Guys need strong ideas to know if a girl is into them, So you definitely need to be very clear with messaging. After you showcase your intention to be with the guy, And also you have followed the above tips. The guy would fall into your love in no time. And you become the girl every guy wants.

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