How To Get Him Interested Again Fast {8 Easy Ways}

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In this article, We will explore how to get him interested again fast. Yes, It is possible, and that too without taking any dramatic steps. I have laid out a simple yet effective guide, That will not only help you to gain his trust back. But also help you maintain that bond forever. Follow this guide and see the result for yourself. 

Find out how you can get him interested again as soon as possible

1) Try to bump into him to get him interested again fast

how to get him interested again fast

No connection is as strong, As the one which can be seen. These are the golden words, Which can make him interested again fast. If you live in proximity to him, try to show yourself as you exist. People move on, But memories don’t. And the more often he will see you, The more memories will be unfolded. Make sure you don’t shy away to express yourself physically. These means don’t try to get his attention from 100 meters apart. Walk just past him, without acknowledging him. But make sure you don’t make eye contact, Because if you do, Then you have to either make a small, or you will look rude. And at this point, we don’t want to do either of that. 

2) Don’t look desperate

Being lonely is one of the worst phases of any relationship, or in this case after a relationship. But being desperate will just make things worst. Depending on the psychology of most humans, It is known that baring a few cases, A person enjoys someone who is on terms with them. This means that someone who stands tall in their independent living yet wants to share happiness with others. The relationship is not about math, As most movies like to portray. Your partner is not your better half. They are them, And you are you. If you leave your dignity for desperation, You lose the game. 

3) Share Jokes

how to get him interested again fast

This might seem odd, But this is one of the most popular ways to break the ice. Scientific studies suggest a person would make more affirmative action; When they are happy. This happens because of something called Dopamine, and Cortisol.  Okay, So here is what you have to do. Get your way around some nice humour, And just send him through text. Make sure the other person has read, And then move on with the real conversation. Remember timing here plays a crucial role, You don’t want to message him the joke from last night, and continue the conversation in the morning. You would also want to continue the talk when his mood is humorous. 

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4) Share Memories

When you are looking to learn how to get him interested again fast, There was a time when your synchronization with him was correct, And you too were in line with each other’s thoughts and feelings. This is your master weapon, And it is something that can help you to gain his trust back. So here is what you have to do, Just take a deep breath and think about what were the most precious memories with him. And what is the related material like photos, or videos that you may have? And just simply send him. You won’t believe how much of a difference this will make. 

5) Go out for a social outing

how to get him interested again fast

While since you too are parted it is hard to get him to hang out with you alone. But don’t let it stop you from getting him interested again. You can ask someone, a mutual friend, in this case, to organize a social outing together. A movie night, trekking, it could be anything. Just make sure your mutual friend does not tell him that you are also invited. It will be awkward to meet at first, But keep your memory of him in the past to avoid the awkwardness. And once, The outing is started make your move, do not try to intervene in his physical space. But also be free with your approach, when you talk to him. 

6) Don’t tell, But Show

show dont tell

There are generally two types of communication, Verbal and Non-Verbal. Something that we have read in our high school. When you are with him, make the most out of the latter one. Give him signals, But not explicitly ask him out. Your subtlety is your way of getting him to notice you, Yet without undermining your respect. It is a way to let him know that you are open to him, But you won’t nudge through talks. Some great Non-Verbal communication could be Eye Contact, Playing with Hair, etc. These are a great way to tell him, That you are looking to revive your relationship. 

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7) Make him feel special

Do you know what is something that makes a man fall in love? It is beyond many conventional thoughts of beauty, charm, and charism. It is, actually, Being felt special. A survey done by a reputed organization showed that men are generally very underappreciated, and any sweet gesture they receive makes them feel great about the other person. This means if he is A pianist then start going to his shows, If he is a comedian go to his shows. But what if he does the normal job like an accountant, You can’t appreciate him for getting ledgers correct. Here you have to be a bit more creative and insightful, and learn about what are his hobbies. And if he does something apart from his job. Many people like to paint, sing, just find what he does and appreciate it. 

8) Be Always a true friend

Always be Friend

While It is always a feeling of closeness that could distract you from the true relationship which started everything. Two individuals never become partners, Until they are true friends. And this is something you have to keep in mind, think that you are a friend; And that he would enjoy your company as such. When you start to show the intent, He will start to feel things about you again. And this is the only way to him interested again. When he will realize you genuinely enjoy his company and would share joy, and grief as a friend. This will make him instantly attracted to you as a person, And this bond can later transform into a relationship. But you have to always remember your root as a friend.

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