11 Ways To Beat an Aries Man At His Own Game

Feature Image: How To Beat an Aries Man At His Own Game

Aries man are not easy to handle. they lose interest in dating soon so you need to follow these instructions. you can last long with your Aries man by following all the below tricks properly.

Things you need to know how to win with Aries man at his own game

It is a fact that Aries men are very charming and attractive. You can get easily attached to them. They have always got that good looks and personality that catch everyone’s eye. When it comes to dating they have a completely different scenario. They will try everything to get you, like asking you out again and again until you say yes or buying you flowers, etc. They will do every sweet thing until you start dating them. But after dating them two to three times they just disappear. They start ignoring you and try to avoid going out with you and even misbehave with you. Aries men are good at playing games. So in this article, I will tell you some tips and tricks about how to beat an Aries man at his own game.

Try these tricks and you will see a difference.

#1. Give him attention

Ateention for Aries Man

Aries love compliments. They love it when someone notices small things about them and gives them compliments. So all you need to do is give him compliments as much as you can. Do not overdo otherwise it becomes obvious. Start with simple things like “ I like your smile”, “I like the picture you posted the other day”, “I like your shirt” etc. just do not try to sound fake try to be natural with your words. This will make him more attracted to him. Try to give compliments at every meeting.

#2. Be confident around them

Unlike every other zodiac, Aries has a very bold nature. If they have something in their mind then they will say it out loud without wasting any time. So try to be bold and confident around him. If you are not feeling confident enough then just fake it. Just fake being confident. By this, you will surely grab their attention. Aries like nature the same as them. We can say that bold and confident women are the weak point of Aries men.

Never stop expressing your feelings and likes and dislikes to them. Just say it in our loud. You may feel shy at first but it creates a great impact on Aries.

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#3. Being mysterious is the key

Being Mysterious women and attract Aries Man

This trick works not only to beat Aries man at his own game but with everyone. Every man likes mysterious women. They find them more attractive and compatible. Do you know? Mars referred to as the god of war, is the ruler of the sign Aries, making him a person that relishes a challenge. So when you only show them a little about yourself. They will fight to find out more about you. Never tell him complete information about you. Leave them in the middle. Try to talk mysteriously. Never tell them your plan in advance. Surprise them with your behaviour.

Some examples are leaving your text in between, making plans without them, and leaving him on the text like I am busy tonight and will not be able to talk. They find this type of behaviour attractive and they will automatically become attracted to you.

#4. Go slow

The strongest thing that is in your hand is being physical with your partner. It is very obvious that if you are dating someone then they will try to be physical with you as soon as possible. Take your time in this. Do not get involved in physical things just because your partner wants to. Prepare yourself, build your trust in your partner and then think about this.

Even if you choose to be physical, do not stop experimenting. Please note that when an Aries man is involved in a physical relationship, it is easy for you to lose interest in him once it is over. So experiment with your sex life too. This will give you control over your man.

#5. Being yourself is the key

Always Being themself women to beat Aries man on his own game

This is a universal fact that no man likes a fake girl. Even if you are not their type but you are being honest with your behaviour this will make a big difference. Men have a very sharp eye for finding out the fake behaviour so if you will pretend to be someone else they will notice it right away. You should do this trick with every man. Attract them from your original self. Nothing in this world is more attractive than being genuine to someone. Because one day you will eventually be sick of pretending. This thing will automatically end your relationship.

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#6. Show him that you are independent

One of the biggest things that makes a man turn down on you is being dependent on them for everything. Show them your bold and independent side so that they feel more comfortable with you. Remember do not try to overpower. Do not try to show them that he is the only one in your life. Be in your life, go shopping with friends, do hard work to achieve your goal, etc. Aries men like to spend alone time so being dependent on them is like putting some kind of burden on them. To avoid this type of situation.

If he follows you on social media then post your solo trip pics or solo day-out pics to show them. This will create a huge impact on their brain. They might not say this to you but they will praise you.

#7. Flirt with him

Girl flirt with Aries Man

Whenever you see that he is flirting with you then just flirt back. watch carefully at what level he is going and follow the same. This shows your confidence and boldness. Aries like when someone flirts with him and gives attention to him. We can say that Aries are attention seekers. They will try to do everything to get your attention. So flirting back up to a healthy limit is good. You will see the behaviour change in them and there is no doubt that you can easily beat Aries man in his own game.

#8. Surprise them with your behaviour

Never remain constant with them. Try to show them your different sides at every meeting. Like dressing up differently or some of them some humorous side of yours etc. all these things make a girl very attractive. Aries like this kind of behaviour because they get bored with things very easily. Once they will find you funny, and mysterious, they will eventually fight for your attention and will always wait for your new side of yours.

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#9. Encourage him

Always encourage Aries Man

For this, you will have to put your faith in him. Whenever he feels disappointed you should be there to encourage him. Always give him positive energy during his low times. This will make him attach to you emotionally. In the future whenever he will need emotional support he will always seek you. He will open up with you more. Nevertheless, you should make sure that you are not offending him in any way. Avoid pointing out his low keys. Always show your support for him in the public. Do not make any excuses during his hard times. All these things become a big no for a man. He will start disliking you if you do all this. Make yourself available for him in a discouraging situation.

#10. Give him chance to show off

Aries loves showing off. Do some research about him and try to find out his strong fields. And then ask them for help. He will love to help you because they like showing off their skills. To encourage them to give compliments to him during or after work. This will make them help you more. Treat them with coffee or food after work and ask them questions about their talent. Aries like talking about themselves so do this to start talking with Aries men. Hence, if you do this then you could beat Aries man at his own game.

#11. Be adventurous

adventurous and happy positive girl

A happy, positive, adventurous girl is the dream of every Aries man. Be spontaneous and adventurous at the same time. These two will make an irresistible combination for Aries. Try to hang out with him and do things that he likes the most. Instead of going on romantic dates choose to go on adventurous dates. This will make them curious about you and he will find many similarities with you. I am not saying that you should give up on romantic dates completely all I want to say is to go on adventurous dates more than romantic dates.


In conclusion, if you follow all the above instructions well then you can beat an Aries man at this own game very easily. Controlling a man or attracting a man towards you is very easy. All you need to do is follow the right rules. Everything requires some hard work so you will need to do some research about the man you are interested in. In today’s world, social media is the solution for everything. All people show their true side on social media so just get his social media account and talk a little. I am sure you will gather all the necessary information.

Never show your excitement on the first date. Because somehow it is true that “first impression is the last impression”. Take your time to know about him and then play accordingly. These all tricks will make him attracted to you. He will seek your attention and will never play games with you. Because he will see some compatibility level with you.

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