How To Tell If Your Car Is Bugged- Find Out!

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Spying with the help of bugs is very common. These bugs cant be detected easily. Here are some obvious signs that your car is being spied on.

How To Tell If Your Car Is Bugged | Car Bugging & Its Detection

Hidden cameras are used to spy on people. They are also known as spy cameras. If you are someone who is a major or at some higher post at any company then there are 90% chances that you are being spied on. These days car spying is very common. Also, it is very easy to set a tracking device on the car. Here is How to tell if your car is bugged. These are very common signs that can tell you that you are being spied on. In the olden days, the spying was done only on famous people. Today almost everyone is being spied on either by the enemy or by the government. Technology has advanced and so are the spying methods.

What are bugs?

These are so small that it is almost impossible to see them. There are many advanced hiding techniques so it makes it more difficult to find. These devices are fitted with listening devices, and tracking devices. You can check a person’s real-time location with the help of these bugs. However, these bugs need a similar station to send singles.

#1. GPS trackers

Gps using on car

It is the best method to track someone’s location. Of course, Here there is no possibility to add the listening device to this system. Hence it only provides the location. The GPS device needs very careful fixing either at home or in the car. Hand wiring is the only way to install them. If you are doubting this then you will need to take your car to the mechanical garage and only he can remove that from your car.

#2. Scan the car

Scan and check to ensure if your car is bugged

If you are doubting that you are being spied on then the first step you should do is scan. There are many devices available online that help you to detect bugs. It is almost impossible to recognize them by a simple search. You can buy a device and scan your whole car. This device will help you detect some strange interference inside your car. Signals are transmitted from these devices. A detector catches these signals and detects the bug. Always remember to switch off your mobile phone and other electronic devices while searching for the bug inside the car. Because if you will not turn them off then there is a high chance that the device will detect your phone and wifi.

#3. Lighting fixtures

Spy cameras

If your car is bugged with the help of a camera then it is easy to detect them. Spy cameras have a red light. The red light emitted only after turning on the camera. Look for this camera during the night. Close all the lights inside the car and all the lights around the car. It will make it easy to detect any light source.  Fitting a mic in these cameras is also very easy. These mics make your low-pitched voice into a high-pitched voice. Hence makes it easy for the other person to listen to your conversation. The mic itself has no light. You may not detect a mic only.

#4. Common places to hide bugs

Common places inside a car to install the bugs. So in case of the doubt first check these places very carefully. These places are as follows:

  • Under the car bonnet.
  • Under your car seat.
  • Inside the glove box in the car is anything new like soft toys.
  • Side pocket of the door.

These are some common places to keep a bug. These places are among those places where we do not pay much attention. Hence they become the best place to hide anything.


Very limited ways of spying on people are available. And almost everyone is aware of these devices. you should become a little aware of your surroundings. As soon as you notice something, immediately scan your car or go to a mechanical store to find these bugs. Professionals can detect them very easily and you will remain safe.

There are other classic methods of spying that are still in use. Like chasing the car and all. Keep aware of your surroundings and if someone is spying on you. you will detect that. It’s so difficult to identify yourself and tell if your car is bugged. All the car scanning devices are available on Amazon and you can also find them at the nearest mechanical store.

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