How To Add Words To An E-Sword Dictionary?

How To Add Words To An E-Sword Dictionary

E-sword is the digtal platfrom. It is a spiritual place where you can read the bible and learn more about the bible. However, there is not everyone who understands the bible correctly. Hence e-sword has launched an e-dictionary. This dictionary helps in understanding the complex words in the bible. It also helps in understanding the basics of the bible. But do you know that you can add words to an e-sword dictionary? Here is the guide for how to add words to an e-sword dictionary.

It is a very easy process and if you will follow the rules then you will be able to do this properly. 

Steps To Add Words To Your E-Sword Dictionary

Here are the steps that you have to follow to add words to the e-dictionary. Make sure that you follow all these as it is. There is no other way to add words to an e-dictionary. So you only have to follow these rules to reach where you want to reach. 

#1. Edit Dictionary

First of all, You have to open the app of e-sword. Now click on the “Tools” option from the menu of the app. From there, select “Dictionary” and then choose “Edit Dictionary.”

#2. Creating a New Dictionary Entry

In the Dictionary Manager, click on the “Add” button to create a new entry. Now an interface will open. And you have to add the word that you want to add by typing that word in the appeared box.

#3. Defining the Word

After entering the word, move on to the “Definition” field. Here, you can provide a clear and concise definition of the term you’re adding. Make sure your definition is accurate and relevant to your study needs.

#4. Setting the Dictionary Abbreviation

Each word you add to your custom dictionary should have a unique abbreviation that you can use in your e-Sword notes. This abbreviation allows you to quickly reference the term while studying. Choose an abbreviation that is intuitive and easy to remember.

#5. Assigning a Topic

Categorizing your custom words under specific topics can help you organize your dictionary for efficient retrieval. E-sword allows you to select from a range of predefined topics or create your custom categories.

#6. Adding Scripture References

For enhanced context, consider including relevant Bible verses or references that pertain to the word you’re adding. This can further enrich your understanding of the term and its usage in biblical contexts.

#7. Save Your Entry

Once you’ve filled in all the necessary details, click the “Save” button to add the word to your e-Sword dictionary.

#8. Accessing Custom Dictionary Entries

To access your custom entries while studying, simply type the abbreviation you assigned to the word in the study notes or any other text field. E-sword will automatically display the full definition you entered.

Why Adding Words To E-Sword Dictionary Is Important?

E sword has served as a great platform. Yet there are different opinions about why to add words in e sword dictionary.

There are a few advantages to adding words to the e-sword dictionary. 

  1. There are many technical terms that you will not understand while reading the bible. It is very necessary to understand those words to get the full meaning of terms.
  2. If you are finding any difficult word then you can add that to your dictionary and hence you can make your personalized dictionary.  Hence you can understand and bible on your level.
  3. If you want to study a specific character in ible then you will need this dictionary. Because there will be different terms related to that person. And that can only be understood with the help of a dictionary.
  4. If you want to know about a specific place then this one is for you. The dictionary has detailed knowledge about a specific place in the bible.


In conclusion, here is how to add words to an e-sword dictionary. The process is simple and all the steps of the process are mentioned here in detail. This will help you in adding words to the dictionary. E sword has facilitated the study of the bible a lot.

Because many people find the bible difficult to read. Because of the unawareness of the events of the bible. But with the help of e-dictionary, you can connect events. Hope you all will find this helpful. 

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