How Tall Was Adam In The Bible {Answer Here}

How Tall Was Adam In The Bible {Answer Here}

Today we are going to look at how tall Adam was in the Bible, as many of us are curious to know at times. Here is the description of Adams’s height. There are any incidents in the bible that reflect Adams’s height. However, there is no clear mention of Adams’s height in the bible. Read to know more.

Want to know how tall Adam was in the Bible?

As we all know that Allah created adam. Both Adam and Eve are the people from the bible. There is always a discussion about height, looks, and personality. The Bible is a holy book so in the Bible, there is no such description of the height and weight of the people. But any incidents can help us in assuming the height of Adam and eve. We will discuss the incidents and the height of Adam.

The assumption about the height of adam

Adam existed for around 930 years before some people say that he was 15 feet tall. It means he was way taller than today’s human beings. The average height these days is 7 feet. So he was very long. Again these are only assumptions. There is no solid written proof about this height. However, some incidents judge this height number. But not all incidents do justice to this height number. Let’s see some more incidents that describe Adam’s height.

Evidence that describes the adam’s height in the bible

As we all know the bible never mentioned the true height of the adam. But from time to time it has compared the height of Adam with different statues. The height of statue was around 60 cubits tall. Cubits were a height system back then. It is used to describe height.

In some places, there is a description of the iron bed. As the iron bed was small for Adam which is proof that he was taller than normal people.

Height of adam in Islam

Islam has a different height value for adam. According to Allah created a long tall human. And he was 90 feet tall. Which is very tall compared to human beings. So definitely he was not normal. But these are all mythological numbers. Hence there is no evidence to prove Adams’s height. So most people believe the actual evidence.

Scientific evidence for adam’s height

Humans today have an average height of 7 feet. But back then people were very tall. It is proved by all the fossils that they discover. After examining those fossils, scientists have said that Adam’s height could be 9 feet tall. Because this was the average height of the people back then.


In conclusion, there are many opinions on the height of the adam. How tall was adam in the bible is still a mysterious question for all centuries. We find different opinions on the age and personality of the same character in different holy books. We can only trust the actual evidence. But some people do not believe in scientific reasons. So they believe that Adam was 90 feet tall. Everyone has their perception. So we can not judge anyone just because they think differently from us.

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