Learn How to Sell Feet Pics on Craigslist

Learn How to Sell Feet Pics on Craigslist?

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Feet Pics on Craigslist
Image Credit – Thrifty Introvert

Craigslist is an online platform for a classified ad and has other sections such as housing, resume, services, sale items, etc. To sell your feet pics on craigslist, you should deliver the content that people want to buy. Yes, people also search for feet pics on craigslist, and many are earning selling their feet pics.

In professional terms, selling your feet pics is known as ‘Foot Modeling’. The pictures are used in ads, bloggers, websites, brands, or any creative creation.

This article will help you clear your doubts about selling feet pictures, answer some legit questions about selling feet pics and open your mind to other ways to earn money by selling feet pics.

Let’s Dive Deeper!

How Much Money One Can Make By Selling Feet Pics

Actually, in modeling, there isn’t any upper limit, how much one can earn. Models can make around $5- $1000 for one pic; if you’re able to do customize shoots, it can even exceed $1000.

All will happens once you know the path.

Meet Sarah Schauer; she started a side hustle with her 9-5 job, selling feet pics online. Or see this Times Nowthere they have mentioned women feet model, who earns around $574/week, even in the pandemic.

Like other careers, you also need to work hard in the beginning until you become a master of your field.

The best thing to sell feet pics on craigslist or any other platform; you don’t need to leave your jobs or studies; you can work on this on weekends or in your free time as a side hustle.

But is it safe to sell your feet pics on craigslist?

Is it Safe/Legal to sell your feet pics on craigslist?

Can you face legality by selling feet pictures on craigslist or online platforms?
Image Credit – Matt Popovich by Unsplash

By law, it’s legal to sell your feet pics as far as you are not forced to do so. Countries like the U.S.A, U.K, Australia, Canada, European Nations, and any other nations come under the law.

However, some countries make it illegal, especially for women, which varies for different countries.

But, no matter in which country you’re living, but if you’re a minor, you can’t sell your feet pics online. For doing the business of selling feet pics online, you need to be 18+.

As far as legality is concerned, these were some of the terms, but your safety is important.

As you sell your feet pics to a buyer, you’re giving them rights to use it as they want. So, try to know the intention.

As you will sell your pics on craigslist or any other platform online, beware of online scams.

Try to make a deal, but first confirm the payment, then only share pics with them.

As the online world is emerging, try to protect your privacy by keeping your sales account and personal account separate.

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How to Sell Feet Pics on Craigslist?

Craigslist isn’t used as a platform to sell pics, but it’s more about 2nd hand goods, gigs, and services. Yet many people search here of feet pics, making this platform available for ‘Foot Models’.

To Sell Feet Pics on Craigslist:-

  • Make a seller account on Craigslist.
  • Make attractive Ads for your Feet Pics.
  • Chose the right keyword and advertised it on other social platforms.
  • Think from the Buyer’s perspective.
  • When the BuyerBuyer will approach, set effective pricing.
  • And Sell Your Feet Pics!

Make sure the feet pics you are clicking are comparable to industry-level photography. You can also add intimacy to sell pic faster, and you can directly approach the brand also.

As a beginner, you should charge a reasonable amount of pricing but at the same time know your worth.

Look at someone who has successfully earned money by selling feet pics on craigslist, email them, and try to learn from them.

But other online platforms will help you make more money and are more known for selling feet pics.

Some Alternatives of Craigslist to Sell Feet Pics

Although we can sell feet pics on craigslist and earn from it, here are some alternatives that can help you to sell feet pics online.

Platforms to sell feet pics online other than craigslist:-

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • eBay
  • Twitter

Websites to sell feet pics online other than craigslist:-

  • Unsplash
  • Pixel
  • Getty Images
  • Cafepress
  • Alamy
  • Shutter Stock
  • Etsy

Apps to sell feet pics online other than craigslist:-

  • Kik App
  • Instafeet
  • Wikifeet

These are some options from many options; you can choose the platform you like the most.
However, being successful here is still challenging.

1. How to sell feet pictures on Instagram, Facebook

There are many business models out there, and one of the business models is to be a community page for targetted audience.

You can reach out to people on Instagram or Facebook with your content. Your targetted customers should be feet lovers who are interested in buying feet pics.

Advertisement packages on Instagram and Facebook are way cheaper, and you can advertise your content in a few dollars.

2. Sell Your Feet Pics on Stock Photography Website

Stock Photography is a business model where the website takes images from photographers, puts them on their website, and lists them. If any brand buys that image, they will give money to the photographer and take a commission for using their platform.

If you can give them quality content, you can post it on the stock images website. Then if anyone buys from it, you’ll get the money.

It’s the best strategy, in my opinion; you need to make high-quality images to sell feet pics.

When I searched ‘Feet,’ these were the pics that appeared on a stock photography website.

When some photographer sell feet pics on unsplash.com
See how feet models and photographers are selling on usplash.com

How to Shoot Feet Pics Professionally?

Foot Model is a different thing, and being Feet Images Photographer makes high-quality content, and you need to work on both.

First, we should look at Foot Model.

As a Foot Model, there isn’t any ugly foot; thinking your feet are ugly is already a mental obstacle to your success.

Your feet are perfect, but the image selection depends on buyers’ criteria.

It would be best to take care of your feet by moisturizing them and making body skin healthy. Pedicure is another great option.

Now, the second thing is more important, the photography part.

Photography doesn’t mean just clicking pictures, but the background and the lighting; after clicking pick photo-shop or editing it, it’s all come under the photography section.

Lighting is a key aspect of photography

Feet Modeling and Photography
Image Credits: neilvn.com

See the effect good lighting can do, and the 2nd pic looks more professional. The model is the same in both pictures, but angels shifting and soft lighting have changed the overall look.

The same goes with when you sell your feet pics on craigslist or any other platform.

Camera lenses generally take high-resolution pictures if there is enough light. And sell pics on a stock photography website; the resolution is a priority. Even if you sell it on social media, high-resolution pictures will make more sales.

Re-touching and Photo Editing

Although making your feet pic natural is a priority, but you can do some editing or re-touching. There is much software available on the Internet for both Mobile & desktops.

You can learn basic editing with YouTube, or once you start doing it, you can self-learn.

Sometimes, the color contrast isn’t good, and then the editing skills will add value.

Although you can hire a photographer or editor, in the beginning, self-learning will be helpful.

Difference Between Selling Feet Pics Online Vs. Doing Foot Modeling.

The difference between ‘Foot Models’ & ‘Selling Feet Pics Online’ by a comparison table

Foot ModelingSelling Feet Pics
Foot Models are models that do a customizable shoot of their feet for any brand, business, or client for commercial purposes.Selling Feet Pics Online is itself a business, where one can sell feet pics to any buyer interested.
Avg Income- $50 – $1000/Hour

Top Foot Models- $1500 – $10000/Hour

It depends upon sales, and Buyers are willing to pay $5 – $100/for a pic. However, there isn’t any upper limit on how much one can sell.
Generally, jobs are given by agencies and media publications.As it is a business, feet pic selling companies need to find clients on Craigslist, Instagram & Unsplash.

Let’s Summarize

Thank You! For Reading this, we have tried to collect all the information needed regarding ‘ How to Sell Feet Pics on Craigslist’.

In my opinion, selling feet pics online is a good career or at least a good side-hustle. Even if you’re in college or doing only studies, this can be a good opportunity to test your creative and business skills.

I recommend you start with little investments and earn your first income from selling feet pics. Then you can shift to ‘Foot Modeling’ or even modeling in general if you enjoy that work.

Let me known in the comments if there is any question left?

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