How To Give Yourself A Hickey {Effective Tips}

How To Give Yourself A Hickey {Effective Tips}

The other word used for hickey is love bite. Many people like to hide these love bites. But on the other hand, some people love to show off their hickeys. It is a matter of opinion. Do you know you can create a hickey on your own? Here is the guide for how to give yourself a hickey. There could be various reasons for you to give yourself a hickey.

But the solutions are limited. There are a few effective easy that you can use to give a hickey. If you have no idea how to give your partner a hickey then this will help you in that too. Read till the end to know more on this topic. 

Science Behind Hickey

A Hickey can be given on any body part. When a person sucks at a particular place a reddish and bluish part from that place. It is because of the broken blood vessels. The more blood vessels will break the more visible will be the hickey.

Hickey can not be created with a few seconds of sucking. You have to keep sucking for some time only then it will become visible. Others you can not even notice a hickey. 

Tips For How To Give Yourself A Hickey

Here are some tips that you can use to give yourself a hickey. You can use these to get the best possible results with these tips. All the techniques are safe. So you can try these anytime. 

#1. Use Makeup

If you have a little knowledge about makeup then you can use a eye shadow palette to create a hickey. It will be a temporary hickey so if you come into contact with water and all then it will fade away. But it is best because you can remove this anytime.

You have to use red purple and blue color for this. Make sure to take red in a little large quantity. Use very little blue color and blend all colors. 

#2. Cupping Method

The cupping method helps you in creating a hickey that looks exactly like a real hickey. But there is only one drawback. The cup marks a perfect circle so it looks fake sometimes.

But it is the easiest and quickest way to create a hickey. This will look exactly like a hickey and it will stay for a long time on your body.

#3. Pinching Method

Here in this method all you have to pinch yourself at the place where you want to create a hickey. This will remain for a  short time but it will give an idea of the hickey on your body. It is a little painful method.

Because you have to pinch very tight and do not pinch and leave. Make sure to hold the pinching place for some time. To make it look dark pinch and rub the place at the same time. This will make the hickey look darker in color.

#4. Use Curling Iron

Make the curling iron hot and then burn on your skin. You do not have to burn a lot. After making it hot you just need to touch it on your skin for 1 or 2 sec.

This will create a hickey-like effect. But after 3 or 4 the day, everyone can guess that it is not a hockey mark but a burn mark.

Precautions While Creating Hickey On Yourself

There are some precautions that you have to follow while creating a hickey for yourself. 

  1. If you are creating a hickey with makeup then make sure to apply makeup fixer on your hickey.
  2. Do not use a cup for a long time. And it can create blood clots. 
  3.  Do not burn yourself with a curling iron. Make sure to remove the curling iron within a few seconds. 

All these are the few precautions that you can take while creating a hickey on yourself. 

How Long Can a Hickey Stay On Your Body?

The amount of time depends on different factors. If the hickey is intense then it will remain on your body for more than 5 days. But if it is light then it will fade away very easily. Also if you want to remove it then you have to use ice cubes and rub them on your hickey.

This will help in reducing redness over that place. but the mark will remain there. Also, if the hickey is preset at some place where it is not visible then will stay for a long time. However, if it is present on exposed to places then it will diminish quickly.

Side Effects Of A Hickey

Hickey is a way to show love and affection towards your partner. It’s not anything. Some people love to give hickeys while some avoid giving hickeys. There are no such side effects of hickeys. It does not even give any pain sensation. So it is a painless procedure.

However, Sometimes hard sucking can lead to lot formation. Which can later block a vein or something. but it is a very rare case of side effects.


In conclusion, here is how to give yourself a hickey. The process is very simple. And there are different methods available to do hickey. This is a complete guide to giving yourself a hickey. Use these methods to get the best results in getting hickeys.

You can try these in advance and whichever suits you the best. You can choose that later. make sure that you follow all precautions as well. 

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