How are rich media ads different from other ad formats

How are rich media ads different from other ad formats

Before discussing how are rich media ads different from other ad formats let simplify what is rich media ads.  All popular businesses are now using rich media ads. Of course if you found any video ads, animation ads, the combination of text and animations those belong to rich media ads. From the grocery shops to E-Commerce business all are using rich media ads to grow their business faster.

Rich media ads

It is a professional and unique ad representation for the engagement with customers, audience. By using rich media ads you can promote your business with more audiences easily. You can design your ads with your creative ideas. You can freely customize the format of your ads ( like in-page ads, out page ads, in-stream ads). In 2020 most of the ads company are using rich media ads. By which they are generating huge lead and profit.

How are rich media ads different from other ad formats

User Interaction

  • In the trends of digital marketing, peoples are not much more interested and engaging with static ads. They feel bore with static one-page ads. But in the case of rich media ads, they are much more interactive and attractive.


  • By using normal ads you can provide only limited information to your audience. But with the rich media ads, you can provide much more material regarding your company, offers, upcoming events in one ad.

Story Telling

  • For the storytelling feature, you can only use GIfs, 2D images but on the other hand in rich media ads, you can use voice, video, animation to interact and push the user to click on.
  • The most popular features of rich media ads are it can be visible as a slider( movement of ads from right to left or right to left, etc) on the other ads its not possible at all.

CTR and Loading time

  • Rich media has a much more click-through rate than any other ads.
  • Additionally, Rich media ads are bigger in size than other ads so sometimes it will take much more loading time.


  • As a matter of fact, you can not modify Static ads using the latest technologies. Whereas in rich ads you can customize using DHTML, HTML, Java, JavaScript.


  • We all know that now ads are developing as mobile-friendly. More the mobile-friendly more usable it is. Rich ads are much more mobile-friendly than other ads.


  • Rich media ads are easy to create you can search Google for the pre-built template choose as your requirements and use them. And one template can be used in different ads by changing its content frequently. On the other ads, you have to create manually.

Conclusion :

In the world of ads, you neither possible to ignore static ads nor rich media ads. All the ads are valuable. It depends on the customer’s interests and company requirements. Some clients prefer static ads whereas some prefer rich media ads. But not rich media ads ruling the digital marketing industries for its better customization and user interaction. If you are not using rich media ads yet start it now.

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