Quick Tips on How to Set Up a Go Fund Me Page & Reach Your Goal

Quick Tips on How to Set Up a Go Fund Me Page & Reach Your Goal

As a matter of fact, there are still generous and kind-hearted people to support you to survive out of difficulties which are affordable. But you need to reach out to the world to help the CAUSE. Here booms the concept of Crowd Funding which let you raise fund or donation from the mass for an individual or an organization.

Moreover GoFundMe is one of the top reaching crowdfunding platform which links your campaign and social network. In fact it has a donor community of 50 million across the world with a record of raising a fund of $90 and transferring each amount to the right person. Here we go with a detailed guide on how to set up a GoFundMe page that is well descriptive, step wise guide and delineate use as well.

Step-wise details on How to Set Up a Go Fund Me Page

Using GoFundMe platform you can raise money for yourself, a friend or any organization. The reason could be education, medical expenses, natural calamity, sports, program or any event. All you need to do is speak out transparently about the cause, make a sustainable amount goal and do the following steps:-

  • Sign Up – Using your Facebook or existing email id that is in use sign up through a simple setup
  • Campaign Creation – Under one account you may create active campaigns up to 5 at a time.
  • Set Goal Amount, Receivable Currency & Postal Code – Set a goal amount and a currency in which you want to receive the payment. Later on, this cannot be changed. So it is also better to set the pin code so that the currency can be kept cross-checked by the authority.
  • A catchy Campaign title – Within 35 characters make an impact title that conveys your message.
  • Fundraising for – Personal campaign or certified charity campaign are two options you get here to check out. Click according to your case.
  • Select Category – This helps you to get a better insight.
  • Fund Raising Team – You may restrict the entire campaign organizer access to yourself or may share it with other team members for social reach by sharing the campaign access to them wherein they can also post, thanks or add it to their social profiles.
  • Terms & Privacy Policy – Read and agree to the T&C.
  • Convey the story – Add a fundraiser story that appeals to your cause.
  • Add a Photo – Add photo or video to get a visual impact about the beneficiary, appeal to the donors, how they can help, etc.

Easy Sharing & Donation Request through Social Media

Make your information crisp yet detailed. Short para, bold lines are easy and appealing. Additionally, Share with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages to promote. Show gratitude to donors. And be transparent. Reach your Cause to the world to get help in cash and kind.

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