How To Get 25000 Diamonds In Free Fire For Free

Guide On How To Get 25000 Diamonds In Free Fire For Free

Garena Free Fire, this online multiplayer game has 500+ Million downloads, this is the most popular video game in the world today. Despite having a huge player base, they earn most of their revenue in the purchase of virtual items. Today in this article, we will tell you How To Get 25000 Diamonds In Free Fire For Free.

If you are very interested in this free fire, then you know for sure how important diamonds are and everyone wants to purchase items.

Free fire playing games for kids

But after reading this article, you might not feel these things as costly as before.

In this article, we’ll tell you the best methods to get unlimited Free Fire diamonds.

3 Methods to get 2500 Diamonds for free!

Before this website, if you’ve surfed around the internet in finding the solution, you’ve got tons of fake websites claiming that they are authentic ones.

There are methods to hack and get free diamonds in Free Fire, but as soon the Free Fire teams know, you’ve hacked, you’ll get banned. But if you test the method, you can create a secondary id in Free Fire.

So, here are the 3 Legit ways to get 2500 Diamonds for Free!

#1. Get free Diamond Top-ups

As Free Fire announces Airdrop pack to offer skins, emote, and diamonds. The special thing about this Airdrop Pack is you can get emote and gun skin at 95% off!

You can simply buy the diamonds from that at 95%, but that’s not free. The technique to generate it free is getting Google Play Free Redeem Code.

In Google Play, occasionally they give free credit to users. But, In fact, most of us don’t claim it.

For claiming it:

  1. Open your play store.
  2. And there tap on the notification option.
  3. Then you will see offer availability there.
  4. If it’s available, claim it and return back to Free Fire.
  5. Now, select diamond top-up value (Should be closed to credited amount)
  6. Now, at the time of payment, apply the promotional code.
  7. And that’s it.

#2. Free Fire’s weekly and Monthly Membership

When it comes to generating diamonds legally membership plans are best. They give you 60 diamonds every day.

The two types of membership in Free Fire are weekly and monthly, weekly membership costs 159 INR, and Monthly it’s 599 INR. In total, you will generate 420 Diamonds in 7 Days which means 1 Diamond cost you just 2.64 INR.

But we are talking about free methods, and yes you can make this subscription totally free.

Online surveys would be great to earn money, you’ll get paid to answer your personal thoughts, just complete the survey.

You can visit Google Task Mate, InboxDollars Survey Junkie, and many other websites pay users to fill out online surveys.

Then you can redeem this money in a bank or Paytm wallet also in PayPal you can redeem it and use it to buy diamonds.

#3. Websites for getting Free Diamonds in Free Fire

Internet is filled with these websites, which are giving diamonds for free or at affordable rates. is one among them, this is the official diamond top-up website, made by Garena Free Fire itself. official diamond top up website

Get Diamonds at affordable price From

  1. Go to the website:
  2. Enter your player ID.
  3. Then you can click on the “Free Diamond Top-up option” here.
  4. And after buying it you’ll get a bonus amount or a credit.
  5. Check your Free Fire ID (Double check the Player you entered)


So that was How To Get 25000 Diamonds In Free Fire For Free, These three methods will surely help in getting free diamonds, by the way, we haven’t shared any illegal methods, all are legal, so you don’t have to worry about your account.

As Free Fire has more than 500 Million, they are trying to keep their gaming environment hacker-free, be sure to do things in the ethical way there.

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