How to Fix Mic Issue and Download Resources without VPN | PUBG

How to Fix Mic Issue and Download Resources without VPN | PUBG

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To Learn How To Fix the Mic/Voice Not Working Problem In PUBG Mobile?

We are might face this issue where we can’t hear our teammates voice and they can’t hear us. It’s so irritating and also we can’t play effectively.

So, here I came with a simple solution. And surprisingly, we actually can download any resources packs without any VPNs by using this trick.

We all knew that PUBG Mobile has no more connections with India. So, it is terminating many services in India. Everyone knew many Indian players still sticking with the game by using VPNs and all.

When the mic starts breaking and won’t work, even restarting the game won’t help. Once upon a time, it was the trick to solve the mic issues. After restarting the game, we were able to hear all our teammates.

Now, it’s been an useless idea to execute for sure.

Here is the trick to apply to fix the mic issue permanently.

How to fix Mic Issue

How to Download Resources Pack without VPN?

Step-1): Firstly, reboot you device after clearing the cache of PUBG Mobile. You can clear it in app manager >> PUBG Mobile>> Storage>> Clear Cache data.

Step-2): Now, open the settings in your device.

Step-3): Search for DNS “. It stands for Domain Name System.

Step-4): You can see an option titled Private DNS. Select it.

Step-5): You can see three options as Off, Automatic, and Private DNS Provider Host name. Choose the third one.

Step-6): It will ask to enter the host name, enter is as follows

and save it.

Step-7) : Now, open the game. You can notice that the game opens faster than before and it will be good ping now.

Make sure that you are downloading the required resources. Otherwise, your daily limit of the data will be vanished in seconds.

Now, the mic starts working.

Caution: If your mic is working, and still you want to try this, better think once.

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