Zero lag GFX Tool Settings For PUBG Mobile | 2021

Zero lag GFX Tool Settings For PUBG Mobile | 2021

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Best GFX Tool 2021 Settings For PUBG Mobile| Fix Lag Quickly.

The dramatic game-changer for the world’s gaming community is definitely PUBG. We know that PUBG Mobile is popular than PUBG PC because it’s free of cost. Also, there is an official release to use emulators to play the mobile version on PC.

Currently, Season 17 is ongoing in PUBG Mobile. Still, we can see many gamers playing even after banning in the country. You might have faced the lag in your device after updating the game.

Also, many players with low-end devices will face the issue of lag and abruptly struck during the game.

So, here is an app that will fix that lag and makes the texture smooth. This app will maximum to fix the minimal lag.

Worrying about the account ban? I have been using this for two years, I didn’t get even a warning about this. If you think your account is too costly and rich, then you better buy a good mobile and then why need a GFX anymore? A high-end device performs the best all the way.

Download Link Of The GFX Tool For PUBG

Here is the Download Link of the app:- GFX Tool for PUBG – Launcher & Optimizer

Best GFX Tool Settings For PUBG Mobile | 2021

1) Click on the above link or go to the Google Play Store and search for the GFX tool.

2) Then you can select the app with icon 1.2.0 or above and install it.

3) Make sure that you have already installed PUBG Mobile on your mobile.

4) Open the app and select 1.2.X Global Version at the top as shown in the below figure.

Gfx tool settings

1) Set the Resolution as default. If you the exact resolution of your device, select from the list, or else go ahead with the default option.

2) Set Graphics to So Smooth as we want the game to run smooth and lag-free. So, we shouldn’t apply high quality or movie realistic visuals.

3) Set the FPS ( Frames Per Second ) to 60 or 90 if your device supports 90 FPS. FPS decides the game frames for lag-free gameplay. It consumes more battery when you increase this option.

4) Turn the Anti Aliasing to 2X or 4X to make the texture smooth. This option will also consume more battery. If you feel any lag even during the usage of the GFX tool, better turn this option OFF/ Disable.

5) You choose any style. Better choose Classic for the best experience.

6) Coming to the rendering quality, as I told you, if you choose to high rendering, it will consume more data and may create lag. So, always choose rendering quality as Low.

7) Disable all remaining options like shadows and their qualities. We need the gameplay good and smooth, not the HD quality trees and realistic shadows and all.

Gfx tool settings

8) Leave other options as Default and set the Save Controls options to Enable you to save your in-game controls.

9) After all, these, click on Accept at the end bottom.

10) Then, you may get an ad, close it and click on Run Game.

11) That’s it, the game opens with the settings you desire and it will fix the lag probably.

Best GFX Tool For PUBG Mobile Emulator 2021

As we know that we can play PUBG Mobile on PC using an emulator. In the beginning, there was no official acceptance for the emulators but after Season 4, Tencent itself released an emulator Tencent Buddy. By using this, we can play PUBG Mobile on our PCs officially without any ban. We know the most popular Indian streamer Hydra Dynamo uses this emulator.

So, here I am going to show you how to use the GFX tool on your emulator.

You can download it from the below link for your PC.

GFx Tool For PC Emulator | Latest Version 2021

Download and install it then open it. Set the graphics to basic or minimum and set the FPS to maximize the smoothness and for lag-free gameplay.

For any queries related to this topic or in the game, comment below or contact me directly. Also, check our other articles.

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