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Pubg Mobile Redeem Codes 2021 | How to Play Safe | Loot Locations

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As a matter of fact, the top grossing game of all the time is PUBG Mobile. Of course if you die early in this game, you will loose points (Survival and Kill ratings) which irritates you much.


So, I divided the places of erangel in to safe, moderate and hot dropping places. Also, I have provided the latest pubg redeem codes 2021 working in 2021. Go to the bottom to grab and loot them. You can grab them and use in UC buying websites like Midasbuy. After pubg official ban in some countries, unfortunately you can’t buy UC from Play Store in those nations.

I will provide the average stuff about all places of erangel about bots, loot ,vehicles and hiding places etc.

Contents :

  • Safest places to lands
  • Moderate places
  • Hot dropping places.

Here are the places where you will definitely find a bot (1 free kill) and good enough stuff to loot up to basics.

Safest Places to land in PUBG MOBILE.

Pubg Redeem Codes 2021.


Most of the average players land here. Moreover, this place is the top most safest place of the map erangle.

Gatka safest places land PUBG Mobile

Have look at this screenshot, the pointed mark is Gatka and there will be many places to hide around like cemented lane.

Loot Density: 59%. Mostly AKM, UZI, M16A4 with 120 7.62mm and 5.56mm will be found.

Bots:  1 bot if you land solo

2-3 bot(s) if you land with your squad.

Vehicles : 1 Dacia 1300 and 1 Buggy


In fact, this is an underground cemented cave with four holes and rooms. The loot is average here. If enemies land here , you can escape , kill them by doing camping ,or else but taking third person perspective (TPP) .But the foreground is plain so, it’s little bit danger to stay here after taking loot.

Shelter safest places land PUBG Mobile

Identically the above screenshot is the strategy we use when we land in shelter. First, we land on shelter and we loot it. Then , we go for the houses where are near to it (left).  Then, we will check the blue building on the right.

After that, it’s better to check the prison for enemies or else they may rush you abruptly while you’re looting.

Loot Density : 68%. Mostly VSS, M416 ,AKM are found.

Bots : 2-4 bots for sure even though you are solo or squad.

Vehicles : 2 Buggies and 1 Motorcycle.

Yasnaya Polyana | (Midasbuy Coupons Below)

Yeah Of course, this is also a best safe place to land because, this city was built with numberless buildings and houses.

Moreover, you can simple hide or escape from enemies if you have got no guns.

Yasnaya Polyana safest places land PUBG Mobile

You will usually find 2 to 3 squads (including your squad) here.

There is huge plane area around Yasna Polyana. So, it will the best for the players who snipe well.

There is chance of finding prone players in the plane area whom you can snipe easily. You can almost all types of houses in this city.

Loot Density :  92 %. You will find all type of guns

Bots : 2 bots for sure and 1 bot if you are either Ace or Conqueror.

Vehicle :  2 UAZ(topless).


This is small city located at the top left edge of the map. It’s really a small area with less loot but a safe place to land. Most of the time ,the first play zone doesn’t cover this place. It’s always out the play zone.

But , players will land here if the flight route through Kameshki. And it’s difficult to escape .So, it’s better to take fight when they land here.

Kameshki safest places land PUBG Mobile

Loot Density : 49%. M16A4, UMP45 mostly.

Bots : 1 bot

Vehicles : 1 Sidecar motorcycle and 1 buggy.


Farm is a place where there are five to six set of places where each of the set contains 4 to 5 houses. This is also a best safe place to land. You will find good amount of loot here. After first 10 minutes of the match , enemies will start coming here most probably.

Farm safest places land PUBG Mobile

Moat probably, play zone is always favorable if you land anywhere in farm.

Loot Density : 60% . M416 , AKM mostly.

Bots : 3 bots

Vehicles : 1 UAZ(topless) ,1 UAZ(closed top), 1 buggy, 1 motorcycle.


Zharki is also located at one of the edge of the map. It’s is near George pool apartments.

This city once had some event place which is with shredding leaves. This place have less loot but most of the time, no one comes here. This city is also unfavorable to the play zone.

Zharki safest places land PUBG Mobile

Loot Density : 58%. Snipers , SMGs.

Bots: 1

Vehicles : 1 buggy , 1 sidecar motorcycle.

Spawn Island

Spawn is also a safe place . But sometimes, you can see whole squads coming by ships .However, it’s always risky because, there play zone will be very far for you if you go here.

Spawn Islandsafest places land PUBG Mobile

Moderate Places to land in PUBG MOBILE | Pubg Redeem Codes 2021


Rozhok is the best place of the whole game. Actually, this is not a moderate place. Sometimes, 4-6 squads land here. It’s somewhat difficult to escape from here . It’s always intense and third party fights happen here. Loot is always good here.

This is place is divided by the road which makes the battle intense. If one squad lands on one side of the road , then the other lands on second side.

Rozhok Moderate Places to land in PUBG MOBILE

Loot Density :  86%. All type of guns can be found.

Bots : Average of 4 bots usually found here.

Vehicles : Dacia 1300, Sidecar motorcycle found here.


Severny is also a good place to land and for interesting fights. If the flight’s route is on through it, you will definitely find 1-2 squads coming here

Loot : 69% . AKM and Sniper rifles are likely to be found here.

Bots : 3 bots for sure.

Vehicles : 2 buggies and 1 UAZ about 200 meters away.

Severny Moderate Places to land in PUBG MOBILE


This is also a place like severny . Almost everything is same for both these places.

Loot : 72% . Marksmen rifles and SMGs.

Bots : 2 bots for sure.

Vehicles :2 motorcycles and 1 UAZ topless.

Lipovka Moderate Places to land in PUBG MOBILE


This is a great place covering large area. Mostly , sniper rifles are frequently found here. This is unfavorable to play zone. You can’t even find a vehicle near bb within 600meters.

Loot : 77% . M24 , Kar98k , and AKM and other ARs are mostly found vehicles.

Bots : 2-5 bots are probably found here based on your tier.

Vehicles :  No Vehicles found here within 600 meters. You have to run up to 600 to 1000 to find a vehicles.

Primorsk Moderate Places to land in PUBG MOBILE


Prison is the best place to learn the game for beginners. Most of the time, average players will land here. There are 6 sheds here which will possess good loot to beat up the enemies. The building also gives you the best loot. Building is secured and good for hiding.

Prison Moderate Places to land in PUBG MOBILE

It’s a great idea to attack the enemies in shelter and blue building near by after looting in Prison.

Loot : 72 % .Shotguns like S12K and M16A4 are mostly found.

Bots : 3-5 Bots are found here. ( My suggestion is to land here if you are trying to get weapon master title).

Vehicles: Buggies and Motorcycles are found.

School and it’s apartments (Hostel)

School is a well known attacking place for Rozhok and school apartments. Usually , no one lands here but many people attack school apartments which are really intense always.

School and apartments Moderate Places to land in PUBG MOBILE

Loot : 80% . AR and SMG are found in school and Apartments contain snipers.

Bots :  1 bot may found here.

Vehicles: Both topless and top closed UAZs are found.

Hot Dropping Places To Land in PUBG MOBILE.


It is the most dangerous place in whole game. It has three parts , Containers , Ci5y and Apartments.

Containers are the most intense . Usually, 4- 7 squads land here. Getting a gun with scope on landing will give you good number of kills. Team work is very important in these type of places.

Georgopol Hot Dropping Places To Land in PUBG MOBILE

Loot : 94 % .Total of 6-8 ARs found on Containers and 5 SMGs are found . Snipers also have good probability to be found here.

Bots:  2-4 bots of total.

Vehicles : 1 buggy and 2 UAZs nearby.


Novorepnoye Hot Dropping Places To Land in PUBG MOBILE

This place is also with containers and war houses.  Making a bridge block is a good idea if survive here. That bridge block is for military base people.

Loot : 95% . Flare guns, And all type of rifles found here.

Bots :  2 bots.

Vehicles :  1 Dacia 1300 and 2 UAZs.

Sosnovka Military Base

It’s a huge place to land at different places. C set of buildings are hot dropping area here. The fights inside the buildings are always perplexing and you can’t get the gun all the time.

Sosnovka Military Base Hot Dropping Places To Land in PUBG MOBILE

Loot : 96%. There is a probability to get 3 flares here. It’s the most loot containing area of the map.

Bots : 4-5 bots.

Vehicles : 1 buggy and 1 UAZ.


At the beginning of the game, In 2017 ,this is the place where most of the players landed. It was the deadliest place once upon a time. But now, it’s just a hot dropping place. Usually 3 squads land here.

Loot : 88%. All type of rifles found here.

Bots : 4 bots based on tier.. ( In Ace tier, 0-1 bot(s)).

Vehicle: 1 Dacia 13000, 1 sidecar motorcycle and 1 UAZ.

Pochinki hot dropping places to land in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Redeem Codes 2021 | Midasbuy | Google Play Store | Unknown Cash Coupons

So, finally here we are with the Pubg Redeem Codes 2021 below. Use them for the specific items. 


BGAKDJRKSK : Golden Kar98K (Season 2)

KJSOFFKSBR : Glacier M416 (Not Upgraded)(You have to upgrade it).

BAXXKGUGFT : Orange Rugged AKM


KLADGRDJFI : Swordsman Set.

Note : All the codes will work only once.

For more comment below, we will update them. Request any item you want. We will add the codes asap.





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