Do Instagram follow requests expire

Do Instagram follow requests expire

If you trying to follow one on Instagram and clicks the follow button. The button changed as requested and after few days it again changed as follows. If you are thinking that the request expired automatically then we would like to inform you that it never expires! So, don’t think that he or she hasn’t seen your follow request and it automatically got deleted.

How do Instagram follow requests expire?

As we told previously Instagram requests never-ever expires automatically. In that case, you have to be sure that the user has changed his/her profile settings or deleted or accept your request manually. So there are few possibilities with which your follow requests can be deactivated or disabled.

Possibility-1:- The user has changed his profile private to public account

The user has changed his profile private to public account

If you sent a follow request to any user where his account was set as a private account and he/she never accepted or deleted your follow request, it will remain as it is. Now instead of the ‘follow’ button, you will see as ‘requested’.  Meantime, if the user changes his account as a public account and you will get the button as a ‘follow’ button because anyone can follow a public account.

So if happens so don’t think that your follow request got expired. If the user changes his account again as private the ‘follow’ button will change as ‘requested’ as you previously were requested.

Possibility-2: User have manually deleted your request

User have manually deleted your request

If the user sees your follow request and does not want to accept it or follow you he will definitely delete you to keep his request list clean. So the request never gets expired automatically until the user makes any change with it.

Possibility-3: User has accepted your request

User has accepted your request

If the follower accepts your request you don’t have to deal with this question. However, if the following one accepts your request it will be deleted from your follow request list and you can find the user on your followers’ list.

Possibility-4: May be user has blocked you

May be user has blocked you

Yes, It really not sounds good that someone has blocked you. But if you are sending follow request to any private or public account and the follow button is changing as requested or following accordingly than everything is okay with you. Now suppose the button is again changing as follow button after few seconds then sorry to say that the user has blocked you.

In that case, there can be one more possibility that you got blocked. If you report any user then Instagram automatically blocks the both to be connected anymore.

How to convince people to follow you or accept your follow request?

The simple answer for that is you have to be a popular face. As Instagram is a platform for entertainment. so there is no space for boring peoples. You have to be funny, cool, frequently posting one or inspirational to attract the people. You have to make posts regularly and get updates with the trends. Complete your profile and put an attractive bio on your account. An incomplete account makes people to click the back button without following you. React on people’s posts that you can be a part of his timeline and he or she may fill your presence or appearance before he gets your follow request.

After going through this article you never ask that do Instagram follow requests expire. But you definitely try to find the reasons why the request got ignored or deleted. Once you find the reason you will go for the solutions. Here you have to maintain the FLC (follow, like, comment) chain to be a popular face on Instagram. Use hashtags for your posts can increase your visibility on Instagram.

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