Instagram com accounts access tool current follow requests

Instagram com accounts access tool current follow requests | How to See List of People You Have Requested to Follow on Instagram

Overview about Instagram Follow requests

On Instagram if peoples change their account privacy to private then anyone can’t follow them. So that we have to send follow requests to join with that person who has a private account. If he/she accepts the following request, then only we will be able to get their updates. Notably, some people accept the request and some keep the request pending for a while. May be he/she accept others friend requests and your friend request only pending for a while, then it’s also a clear sign to that person not interested to connect with you. On the other hand, some peoples simply declined your friend request because they really don’t want to make your friendship and all.

Anyhow, it’s not an easy task to remember whom you sent the following request and whoever accepts your request. By using the Instagram com accounts access tool current follow requests you can identify the list of your current follow requests. Once you find this list, then you can remove pending follow requests.

How to use Instagram com accounts access tool current follow requests??

Of course, Instagram you can easily find out the follow request you have sent. Follow these steps that help to know that Instagram com accounts access tool current follow request lists.

1) First up all you can open your Instagram application for your Android/iPhone mobile.

load instagram app

2) Then you can go to your Instagram profile. Click the bottom right corner that goes to your profile page in your app.

Instagram profile link

3) – After that click on the three horizontal line option from the upper right corner.

three dot line horizontal menu

4)- Then from the list you can select the “Settings” option.

instagram setting option

5) From this list you can pick the “Security” option here.

security Instagram option

6) Under this security “Data and History” lists, you can select the “Access Data” option.

Instagram security access data

7) Then it will show the several options here. You can simply scroll down and find out the option named “Current follow requests” under the “Connections” list.  Then click on the “View All” option here.

current follow requests option

Now you will get a list of sent follow requests which are pending. If you want to remove pending Instagram follow request you have to simply search by their user name and cancel their follow request.

Instagram Current follow requests lists

How to make your account private?

  • Open your Instagram apps.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Then click on 3 horizontal line from the upper right corner.
  • Then from the list select “Settings“.
  • now select “Privacy“.
  • From the connections select account “Privacy“.
  • Enable the “Private Account” option.


As a matter of fact, Instagram allows to send friend request to anyone. At the same time, it’s really a waste of your time and efforts for who really never care about your follow requests. You really don’t know people’s intention and their own thoughts. Everyone not thinks the way of yours. So it’s better to move on with those inconvenient peoples and connecting your circles strong with family members, school/college friends, cousins, well wishers, workmates and so on. I hope you enjoy this knowledgeable article and let will see for another interesting article soon 🙂


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