5 Steps to set Google as your Homepage on Mac

Steps to set Google as your Homepage on Mac

Generally, it’s better to have google as homepage rather than anything else. Many browsers and apps possess google as homepage. In Safari, Yahoo is the default homepage. However , we can change that homepage into whatever we want. . Setting up the most helpful and frequently used URL or site as homepage is  important to access it quickly which saves time. Bookmarking is an another way to get quick access to our favorite sites. So, now we are going to see how to do that in simple steps.

How to make Google your homepage on a mac ? 

Here are the steps for it.

Step 1) : Open the safari on your mac book.

safari browser homepage

Step 2) : Choose safari and then you can see another set of options as below.

safari web browser menu options

Step 3) : Click on preferences then you can see the view as the below image.

preferences to set google home page

Step 4) : Select the first one that General which shows the homepage URL box which we required.

Step 5) :Edit the Homepage and insert www.google.com or anything you want other than google.

You can also change the preferences like” new window open with” here .You can set which you like here as shown in the below.

set safari opens with home page

In case , if the URL is too long or with complex characters, then just open that page which you wanted to set as your homepage. Then, open the same setting and there you can see “set current page “ option which sets the current page as homepage. .

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