How to become a front end developer in 2024

How to become a front end developer in 2020

More than 30 million people will lose their job in the U.S alone!, BECAUSE OF AI. But if you are a web developer then your job is safe for the foreseen future. You looking to become a front end developer in 2024. It is not a surprise. Your decision is totally correct. Because web development, in general, has always been in the top IT trending jobs from the last two decades.

Front end development has been the biggest element for the success of a website or app. It doesn’t matter how great your website works, If it’s ugly you may not achieve the result you want. Early Front end development was lame and there was very little to play around, Users could easily disable javascript and shatter all your code.

But today not only front end development is doing great in developing websites, but also great in web application and produce similar or better results than of native apps. With new tools like node.js, you can even code backend on your own. Today’s front end development has adopted great aspects of core programming concepts from its counterpart languages like Java and c++. There are some skills that you need to master to become great front end developers. Here is the list of skills you need to learn to become a front end developer in 2024.

1) Master The Old School HTML and CSS


Html and css in web design

It goes without saying the whole front end depends on the core concepts of HTML and CSS. And we know how important it is, So rather explaining to you the benefits of HTML and CSS. Let me cut to the chase and tell you how should you learn it. Buckle up on the latest HTML5 and CSS3 and avoid the old saying to learn the oldest. HTML and CSS of 2003 are no good in 2024. And people suggesting you learn it are just in nostalgic fantasy. Learn all the core vanilla HTML and CSS concepts. And fill yourself with some markup & stylesheet code. Once you have the basics, Jump onto some advance concepts like Flexbox and CSS Grid.

2) Learn the Core Trident of Web Vanilla Javascript

Web Vanilla Javascript

Javascript is the most popular language on the web. Its popularity has exceeded the big names like java and python. And all these developments have not come out of the blue. The language and programmer community have moduled themselves according to the need of the internet. Whether you want to build a simple static page or a massive web app like Facebook you can easily build it with javascript and related tools. Learning this language will make you a great asset to a lot of company, That are always for a hunt of good javascript developers.

3) Mutate Your Code With Frameworks

latest web developement framework

Being a superhero is amazing, It gives you a lot of power. Frameworks do the same for developers. They make even the most naive programmers a great code builder. If you don’t understand the complex structure and weird rules of javascript, You simply don’t have to. You can use Frameworks that provide you simple codes for complex coding. That you can use to build massive web applications. With the framework, you don’t have to spend hours debugging your code. Because the code that you are using has been tested by the pros. Your task with frameworks is on development not on the reliability. There are a couple of great frameworks that you can start with, For HTML And CSS there is something called bootstrap, And for javascript you have Angular, React, Vue.js and many others.

4) Hate Bulky Rules Learn CSS Preprocessors

sass language logo- css preprocessors

Front End Code is universal that means once written it could be run on any machine. This is a great advantage to traditional or old coding, Where you need to consider even the input-output drivers of the devices before you write the code. And reusing the code was almost impossible. But due to standardization of code, Today we enjoy easy programming. But with this massive relief. We also have to keep in mind the instruction or documentation. That comes with it. Not using or following it, Will lead to a syntax error and buggy code. To fix this problem we have something come called Preprocessors. Here you have a relaxation of rules and you can write code with few guidelines. This makes your coding speed truly impressive. After you have written your code in a relaxed manner now you can convert the code into normal CSS or like the documentation one. SAAS is by far the most popular CSS preprocessor.

5) Learn Version Control

version control in web development

If you ask anyone a decade ago, What is the most painful part of code management? I’m sure you would hear a lot of complain about storing code and getting back to the previous code. Imagine being in a situation, Where your code works absolutely fine. But you see some unsatisfactory elements and you want to change it. After you made changes your whole code is now crashing. How frustrating it would have been for a developer who was saving those codes on their floppy disk. But today we don’t have to worry about it. Because we have something called version control. That automatically saves your code after any changes. And you can retrieve any changes at any given time with version control. The most popular version control among developers is GIT.

6) Learn The Art of Debugging

code debugging in web development

Debugging code is one of the most frustrating and satisfactory tasks of a developer. Even the most experienced developers do encounter bugs in their code. The only difference between an experience and a new programmer is, That an experienced programmer debugs their code in minutes and a new programmer takes hours that too with the help of the internet. If you want to become the master of front end development and write bug-free code. Then you really need to understand, how a programming language works. Behind the scene and a lot of practice. If you put in effort in understanding the core of the language you’ll spend less time-solving errors.

7) Make Use of Browser Tools

web browsers tools in web design and development

Brower or Dev tools are the most important part of web development. Coding large web applications and websites without them would be a nightmare. Learning them from its in and out will give you an edge while writing code. Brower tools are made by developers for developers. So you’ll find all the tools that are required in the development of front end code. Google Chrome has done some massive work in developing state of the art Dev tool that is used by many millions of developers. Similar to Google, Firefox too has its own browser tool that managed by open source developers.

8) Learn Mobile Responsive


mobile responsive design in web development

Today with mobile phones making more searches on google than desktops. It’s no surprise that there is a high demand for Mobile Responsive websites and web applications. People today can carry the internet in their pocket that was not possible a few years ago, But after the smartphone revolution, everything has changed. Today people are more inclined to use the internet on their smartphones than on their desktop. If you want to know the capital of Thailand. Will you start your desktop, Or use your smartphone to get the result within a snap. Many will choose the easier path.

9) Learn to Solve Complex Problem

problem solving skills in program development

No one is going to hire you for building snake apps. If you really want to excel in this industry. Your problem-solving skills should be top-notch. You need to learn to translate simple English problems into code. Example – building a calculator that calculates your age. Or a Web app that predicts stocks. Learning the skills of translating a problem into code is a very useful one. And a mandatory for a lot of companies. That has many aptitude tests which include such problems. You can easily work on this one, By practicing, practicing, practicing. There are no shortcuts for becoming a great programmer.

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  1. Really great explanation. Updated Technologies like html5, css3, and resources which you gave really help to understand frontend development. A beginner developer can also understand what frontend development is after reading this post. Your explanation of real-time work was true, companies are expecting more. Thank you.


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