5 Signs Of A Bad Cleaning Lady

5 Signs Of A Bad Cleaning Lady

There are certain warning signs that indicate a bad cleaning lady. Here are some clear-cut signs of a bad housekeeper. If you see these signs in your housemaid then it is time to change her.  Make sure you give her a warning before firing her. to know more read till the end.

5 Important Signs of a bad cleaning lady

Regular cleaning of houses is very important. Some of the people do office jobs and have some kind of business. So, they can not give time to house cleaning. Hence they hire a cleaning lady for their houses. At first, the house seems very clean and the work done by her is very impressive. But slowly the house starts to seem a little bit dirtier and messy and not organized.

The demand for house cleaning ladies has increased in the past years hence their hourly rate has increased too. You can not see a bad cleaning after spending so much on the house cleaning. Here are some clear-cut signs of a bad cleaning lady. All these signs are red flags for you to hire a new cleaning lady for your house.

#1. Less time for cleaning {First signs to spot a bad cleaning lady}

Compare the first week’s cleaning time and the current time. You will see a huge difference. At first, she does the same cleaning work for an hour and no she does not take more than 20 to 30 minutes. This time difference shows that she is not doing her job properly. Also, you can see the dirt at some points like on the top of the refrigerator, and sticky juice and chocolate are still on the table. These are all warning signs to change the housemaid.

You can give him a warning once or twice. But if nothing changes then you can fire her.

#2. She is always late

If she comes too early or too late then both situations are red flags. You have to make time for her. And if she is not following the time properly then it is not a good sign. It also shows that her intentions are not good. If she is coming too late and no one is at the house at that time.

That is very dangerous. So make sure that you fix a proper time with them. And if she tries to unfollow the time rule then you should fire her. She will make thousands of excuses for coming late or early. So don’t fall for them.

That’s why it is always the best idea to hire a cleaning lady from any cleaning company. These are professional cleaners and the maid services are good too. Above all these companies have trustworthy people. So I can be a little tension free with them.

#3. Seems very distracted

If your house lady seems very distracted then you have to talk about this with her. First, notice here carefully and then talk about this. Do not hesitate to talk on this topic. Because this can lead to a serious matter. If she is constantly staring at her phone. And whenever she has a chance she tries to use it. Or she tries to look into the Almira. These are some serious signs that you need to see. Make sure you warn her about this. if you will talk about this then she understands that you notice her and you are not unaware of all this.

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#4. Using her phone {A Bad Cleaning Lady also does this}

If she is always using her mobile phone while cleaning then this is a sign of a bad house cleaner. If she uses her phone while working then how can you expect her to clean properly? She will leave some important spaces to clean. Some of the signs that you will notice when she cleans using her phones are:

(i) Not properly cleaned dishes.

(ii) Important areas that need cleaning remain untouched.

(iii) She does not put away the extra things.

(iv) She does not listen to you as she always uses her phone.

#5. Talk about the unnecessary topic

If she is a chatter vox and talks about almost everyone then that is a big red flag. Ask her to stop talking while doing work. An example of this is if she talks about the other house where she cleans for you. If she says bad things about some other house member. And If she notices every single thing that every person is doing in the house and tells you. These are signs of a bad house cleaner. This is not her work to watch everyone and inform you. So ask her to stop as soon as she starts doing this. It can lead to big fights in your house and other troubles too.


In conclusion, there are some clear-cut signs of a bad house cleaner. If you notice these signs in your house then it is time to change the housekeeper. Some of the signs can lead to serious problems. So always make sure that you hire a trustworthy house cleaner. You can take help from any of the hiring agencies.

All the important signs related to this matter are mentioned above. Make sure you observe these signs. Hope you will find this helpful.

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