5 Signs Of A Bad Physical Therapist

5 Signs Of A Bad Physical Therapist

Here are some obvious signs of a bad physical therapist. If you see these in your physical therapist then you should change him. To know more about this read till the very end.

5 Important signs of a bad physical therapist

Not everyone feels comfortable with their physical therapy results. Sometimes you don’t get the result that you have desired. So, It disappoints you and you switch on the medicines again. But it is not always the solution. Here are some obvious signs of a bad physical therapist. You can observe these signs during your treatment.

If you’re feeling that all these signs apply to your physical therapist then you can change that with time. Some injuries are only overcome by physical treatments. Hence both physical therapy and the physical therapist is important.

#1. Progress not seen – First signs of a bad physical therapist

Progress not seen - First signs of a bad physical therapist

It is a very obvious sign that you need to change your physical therapist. If you are going regularly and attending every treatment. It still seems that you are not getting the results you were hoping for. Or if your pain is still the same and your appearance is still the same. Then you can think about changing the physical therapist.

The signs of physical therapy are usually seen at the third or fourth treatment. So now you can calculate the progress or yours.

#2. No change in the procedure

One of the obvious signs of a bad therapist is this. If you do not see any reasonable progress in your 3-4 treatments but still, our therapist is doing the same treatment with you. You can ask him to change obviously. But if he/she is still not changing the treatment then he is a bad therapist. So I have to focus more on my progress. Physical and manual therapy does not take long to show the results. More than 10 visits to any physical therapy are not possible. Because the result is usually visible in this period.

#3. The therapist is unattended {A Sign of bad physical therapist}

Your therapist’s being attentive to your talk is the most visible sign. Of course, You can tell a lot about someone’s disinterest in you by looking at their face. You cannot cross questions between a session. But you can surely sense the unattentive.

If he/she is not paying attention to what you are saying then he/she cannot treat you better. You should change the therapist at once. Because you are patient and your opinion and talks matter a lot in every session. And above all these sessions are very expensive and not everyone can afford them.

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#4. Difficulty in making an appointment

If you have booked the program but not getting the desired appointment dates. Then you have a good chance to change the therapist. A patient should be the top priority of the doctor. So, if your doctor is not having time for the treatment how can you expect him to treat you well? Consider this thing and you will be able to see things more clearly. You should start doing the treatment right after your surgery. So, choose a therapist that is immediately available for you only then will you be able to recover quickly.

#5. Less attention to you

Less attention to you

If your therapist spends only 10 to 15 minutes with you and then refers you to any of its staff then this is a sign of a bad physical therapist. He may be qualified. But he needs to perform the procedure all by himself. Only then you will get a satisfactory result. You can not let an attendant help you. Because they are just interns and do not know a doctor.


In conclusion, there are many obvious signs of a bad therapist and it is very easy to detect those signs. You can easily tell that he/she is not good. Your treatment depends on the doctor’s attentiveness and his procedure. You can ask him to change the procedure if you are seeing no results. But if he is still going on with the same one then you should change him.

Here are some important signs that can tell you to change the therapist immediately. You can observe these and make your decision. Hope you will find this helpful.

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