What does NFS mean on Instagram and other Websites?

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With the internet and social media sites gaining more value, the acronyms just confuse us. There are a number of acronyms that create a lot of fuss among people. NFS is one such acronym. Again there are a number of full forms for it depending on the situation. So what does NFS mean? Here are all the full forms you will need to know!

Acronyms can easily trick anyone these days. But one has to be sure that they are picking up the correct meaning. This will help to avoid misunderstandings. You can always ask for the full form from the other person.

But if you are shy enough, we have got you covered.

What does NFS mean in technical terms?

Do you know? Basically, NFS stands for Network File System in technical terms. When you are a technical person or belong to a technical background you can imply this. It is basically a mechanism for storing files on a network or cloud. There are a number of platforms like Google Photos, iCloud, etc. Even on certain websites, you can upload files that use this NFS.

How does the term NFS relate to gaming websites?

Of course, Need for Speed is the name of the gaming website NFS. Need For Speed is a popular car racing game with a number of downloads and users globally. There is a lot of craze for this game and in eSports. With eSports gaining more value in the past few years, NFS in your conversation can mean Need For Speed.

What does NFS mean on Instagram?

There are a number of slang people use on Instagram and social media apps. NFS in these social media sites basically means Not For Sale. With growing entrepreneurship and e-commerce, you might find people selling products on social media. But some of the services many people provide are not for sale. Many are just for premium clients and members. So here NFS means Not for Sale.

On Tinder and dating websites, what does NFS stand for?

With the increasing interest in dating websites, people want to be sure about their intentions. Therefore, NFS on Tinder stands for Not For Sale. Now, this is metaphorical. This basically means not here for hookups. It can also mean no gold diggers allowed etc. Privacy and the right choice is important for people. Thus being a little rude by mentioning such slang is just fine. People often intend for intimate or casual relationships, which not everyone prefers. So just to make sure that everything goes right, people often put NFS in their bio.

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