How to Go Live on TikTok Without 1000 Followers in 2024

How to go live on TikTok without 1000 followers

TikTok, the short video platform, has terms and conditions that a user cannot go live without 1000 followers. They have probably added this condition, so that users could strive to achieve the first 1000 followers, in order to accomplish this creators might focus on creating quality content, they may think. In this article, we will tell you some ways to go live on TikTok Without 1000 Followers.

Requirements to Go Live on TikTok

TikTok has a lot of guidelines for TikTok influencers before they go live. Some of the conditions are that you can’t do game baiting while going live or ask for soliciting gifts or any incentives.

Apart, TikTok has two major guidelines, for users –

  • To do live on TikTok, a user should be 16+.
  • Also, TikTok requires a user to have at least 1000 followers in order to go live.

The first Condition is that the user should be older than 16 years, it’s according to the birthdate you’ve entered in TikTok.

It is clearly explained in the second condition that only TikTok users with 1000 followers can go live here.

 Of course, Before going live on TikTok, you must meet the above two requirements.

How to Go Live on TikTok Without 1000 Followers?

Technically, it’s impossible to go live without 1000 followers, so either you need to achieve your first 1000 followers or you need some hacks.

Now, there are two ways to go live on TikTok without 1000 followers –

  • Mail TikTok Support, and tell them to help you to go live.
  • Increase Your TikTok Followers with Hacks.

#1. Contact TikTok Support

What you have to do is ask the TikTok support team, to enable a live feature for you, mention that you don’t have 1000 followers, and tell them why going live is important for you, in short, convince them.

It’s a rare case scenario that they will enable a live feature for you, but if you’re good at convincing, you can try it out.

Steps – 

1. log in to your TikTok account, then go to Me

2. Go to Three Dot Menu, and then Settings

3. Scroll down until you see the Support Section, in the Support Section, tap on Report a Problem

4. See and tap on Live/Payment/Reward

5. Then Follow the Chain – Live Host > I can’t start Live > No 

Then, here you can report them and explain your problem.

Convince them, and ask them to enable this feature for your account. TikTok will respond to you in a while, maybe in 2-3 days.

Communicate with them, they will mail you.

#2. Hack Your TikTok Followers

Without a thousand followers, this is by far the easiest way to go live on Tiktok. There are free websites and apps on Play Store and App store, which can give you 1000 followers for free.

But the downside is, after applying the hack, when your followers will suddenly increase and then suddenly stop at a point, TikTok algorithms will understand that you’ve applied any hacks.

Then, your TikTok Account’s reach will decrease or you can also face an account ban.

So, keep in mind these things before using this hack.

Also, make sure that according to the birthdate, you’ve entered on TikTok, you’re 16+.

As you cannot change your birthdate on TikTok, manually. You need to send another email to their support team, to change your birthdate on the platform.

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Why Can’t I Go Live on TikTok After 1000 Followers Also?

Even if you have a thousand followers, you can’t go live if you’re under 16.

And If you’re 16+ but still can’t go live on TikTok, maybe while creating your TikTok account, you’ve entered an incorrect birthdate. Because of this, you’re considered under 16 by TikTok, hence can’t go live on TikTok.

Therefore, to go live on TikTok you’ve to correct your birthdate.

The bad part is you cannot manually change your age on TikTok. You’ve to contact customer service support for this, then describe the problem to them and ask them to change it.

Might be you required ID Proof, of your correct age.

To contact customer support, open your TikTok app, and go to settings, then in the support section, report a problem.

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