To Learn Thanos snap google trick

To Learn Thanos snap google trick

Introduction to the trick

At the time of avengers endgame, google launched a fantastic trick for users. This one is a horrifying little trick. They have given this trick for fun purposes. Of course, this is also called the “Easter egg trick.”

You can access this trick from a laptop, desktop, mobile. If you need to better sound quality, then headphone is the best option.

By using the instruction below, you can do the trick.

Thanos snap google trick instructions:-

1) First of all, you can open the Google search box.

2) After that, you can type the Thanos in the search bar.

3) You will see a Thanos gauntlet on the right side in the knowledge panel.

4) Next, you can click on the infinity gauntlet.

5) Thanos Easter egg will be triggered.

6) After that, your search results will go invisible slowly.

7) Identically, your feed may go up and down without having any control over it.

8) You can also hear some scary noise at that time.

9) To stop this, you have to click on the gauntlet, and then Thanos will use infinity stone to regular the situation.

10) Don’t worry, you have unlimited fun with this trick as this will not harm anything at all.

You will also see that Number of search results that were showing will start dropping. This process continues till you don’t press that gauntlet. When the movie end game was released on April 26, the trick was launched by google.

Who is Thanos?

In the Avengers series, Thanos seems to be the most formidable villain. Do you know? Thanos is the fictional character that was initially created for Jim Starlin. Thanos has first introduced a movie called the invincible iron man. The idea behind Thanos was so good that it was put into action in 1973.

Of course, I strongly agreed that Thanos is one of the topmost successful villains that is cast. Before putting it in the movies, Thanos was introduced in the comic books of marvel. Thanos is also responsible for crushing many superheroes, including X-men.

Summary of the post.

We have shared with you the Thanos google snap trick and also given some information about it. After the success of the avenger’s infinity war, marvels has come up with the end game. During the release of this film, google launched a cool trick for the avengers series’s fans.

This trick was in trend during the release. We cannot say when this trick will over till the time you guys enjoy the trick. Hope you will be satisfied with the information. Thanks for reading.


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