This is How to get high without drugs

This is How to get high without drugs?

Getting high is a feeling that cannot be described in words. Drugs make you get high, as long as you take them. Once the effect is gone, you will need another one-shot—a similar case with alcohol. The alcohol also makes you feel high without any issue, but the effect vanishes after some time. And everything is temporary. The temporary feeling makes us feel out of the world.

When it feels good, you don’t want to come out of it. But what if you don’t have the drugs? If you don’t have the drugs, it isn’t easy to substitute professionally with another thing. Do you know several ways to get high, and here you will get all of these?

First of all, you have to understand the problem. Does it mean what exactly happens when you get high? Let us understand this phenomenon first.

What happens in your body when you get high? 

Whenever you take drugs, you get high. The drugs alter the hormone levels in your body. Your body contains several hormones at their optimum levels. Whenever we get drugs, they depress the hormone level; other hormones’ levels increase. That causes an imbalance between hormone levels, and you get a lighter feeling. The drug will alter your consciousness; then, you’ll get high. The same thing with alcohol, the alcohol treatment also causes the same effect on psychology and hormones, and you get that certain feeling.

Also, the drugs can cause an increase in heart rate in some cases. Also, the drugs make you feel more relaxed as your hormone levels are depressed. So the point is that your consciousness level is disturbed when you take certain kinds of drugs. So to get high without the drugs, you must do something that alters the consciousness and makes your hormones relax you.

So by considering those things, we are going to find ways to get high without taking drugs.

Need to Know How to get high without drugs?

See, here drugs mean the drugs that make you feel getting high. And in reality, there are several drugs which we use in medicine, and not every drug causes the psychotic effect. There are only some drugs that cause the psychotic effect. We call these drugs the drugs. So to get several high ways is legal, and you won’t need to get the real drugs.

1) Cough syrup 

Have you taken a high amount of cough syrup once and got a good sleep? You might have experienced slight sedation after taking cough syrup. This is because it contains some amount of sedatives. The side effects of the medication that treats the cough are the reason. So if you want to get high, then you can use this ability of the cough syrup. A higher dose of cough syrup will lead you to go into a high state of tranquility, and you will get high.

2) Relaxation 

You might wonder, but relaxation will give you a natural high feeling. And you don’t get addicted at all. Isn’t it great? For that, you have to find a quiet place and sit on a relaxing chair or sleep on the bed. Then close your eyes. Then you have to make yourself prepared to relax each part of the body. Don’t sleep. Just stay awake but in a relaxed state. You can also get a massage with the essential oils by someone, and you will have a high feeling for sure.

3) Hand sanitizer

There are several cases when teens tried to drink the hand sanitizer to get high, and they had a medical emergency. Drinking hand sanitizer can also lead to the death of the person. So don’t ever try to drink sanitizer as it contains a much high conc. Of alcohol than beer and vodka. So how can you get high with the hand sanitizer? It is simple to say, “just smell it.” smelling hand sanitizer is the best way to get high without drugs. The simple smell can make you addicted to it. Use it to get high and enjoy the feeling. However, it is not advised that you drink it.

4) Bath Salts 

Bath salts are not for putting in the bathwater. Instead, they are for oral administration, injection. This gives you a high feeling in reality, but this is so harmful that it can make you wild, violent. Also, on withdrawal, some people had chest pain, some died. It is, therefore, better to stay away from it. A simple high feeling is not greater than your life.

5) Binaural beats

Binaural beats can make you feel high without any consumption of chemicals and drugs. These tunes are made so that they create an effect on your mind with different frequencies. The science behind it is so high and deep, so let us not go deep into it. Listening to the binaural beats using headphones is one of the best ways to feel high.

Use one of the ways to get high without drugs and alcohol. It’s better to stay away from the drugs and have these ways. Getting high is not a big thing; it is good till it doesn’t harm your body. Now you don’t worry if you don’t have the drugs, do these things and get a high feeling. Thank you.

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