These Funny status for girls will definitely make you laugh

These Funny status for girls will definitely make you laugh

Whether it is WhatsApp or Instagram status is everywhere. The girls never stay away from social media. Funny Whatsapp statuses are always better than I love you Whatsapp statuses for girls. Statuses are the favorite of girls. As a girl, you rarely stay away from the statuses.

Either on WhatsApp or Instagram. Here is a big list of the funny girl status, funny status quotes, and all.  The girls need to share this in their stories. Whether WhatsApp status in Hindi or funny quotes are these for you. Go through this list of the best funny status for girls here.

Best Funny status for girls

Every woman is innovative in a way. In it, I am the novelty woman who enjoys the present life happily without thinking about anything.

I generally need everything on schedule. The only thing that is late in my life is only me.

Positivity is my habit, that’s why I like negative people. You know opposites attract. Ha Ha.

Numerous individuals reveal to me I am wonderful, however just I know my real face.

I like pink, so my life partner should be of pink color.

Did you notice that girl, who knows everything? I am talking about google.

My smile is killer, I am not the killer. So don’t stay away from me.

Our girly talks are not going to be understood by anyone, because we talk in a coded language.

My excellence is my magnificence, none of your magnificence. So think prior to remarking on it.

Life is always harsh to me so that whenever I plan to go out, my friends cancel it.

Photography is my passion, that’s why I collect all photographs from the newspaper. Ha Ha!

Love is not for me, I am not for love but everyone loves me.

What if I don’t use makeup for one day?

We girls have many weapons that no one can survive in front of it.

My eyebrows tell others what’s going in my mind.

Sarcastic funny status for girls

One asked me what I call life? I said just watching DDLJ while sleeping and eating popcorn.

My crush will meet me one day, but will he run away after I remove my makeup.

I am not the girl who uses heavy makeup, I just have 2 tons of makeup.

You boys only know three to four colors, while we girls find thousands of shades in a single color.

God asked me what I want, I just said sit with me and let me gossip with you. God went home and sent goodness.

Gossip is always better than love because it doesn’t involve boys.

A girl is so strong that she can handle hundreds of boys at one time.

I got several proposals, I told everyone that you are my best friend.

I am not Cinderella, but I am a princess.

Someone asked what a girl wants in life? I said everything.

Three basic needs of a girl. Attitude, makeup, and personal space with pleasure.

I want to become a standup comedian. So I am practicing to stay standing the whole day.

My whole life was a lie, my friend had one more makeup shade than me.

When I will become old then also I will have 30 boyfriends.

MY teeth are my life, but when they will not with me than my tongue will be my life.

I am a girl, so I can never be wrong.

My life is full of lies, and I am the only truth.

Cute funny status for girls

One day I wake up and just got another sleep.

I never stop taking revenge. 30 years later I found the ant who bite me in childhood.

I studied in a girls school but was famous for all boys.

My marriage was the day when I got a chimpanzee.

Life should be like my life, just eating and sleeping.

If you are searching for a foody girl, then I am the one.

Whenever I see some food, I become a Dracula.

I am in love, with myself. Is the best way to tell everyone that you are interested in a love subject.

How should be my partner? Umm… He should cook for me, do all my work and always listen to me. He should not have a tongue. Ha Ha.


Hey, have you tried one of these funny WhatsApp statuses once? If you haven’t chosen the best funny status for girls it yet, do it now. This collection will impress you very much. The hard work we do for you will help you. Always be strong, happy, and positive and keep using funny WhatsApp status on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media. You can also use it as a funny Instagram caption. Thank you.

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