Step by step guide on how to call India from us

Step by step guide on how to call India from us

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Of course, calling from one country to another is not the same as calling within the country. There are different calling number systems, country codes, calling cards, and many more things in each country. Dialing over lakhs of kilometers either from mobile phones or telephones requires connecting one country calling network to another. The connection needs certain processes to access the number to be followed in order to succeed in a call over a different country.

Assume when you are in u.s. there is a certain procedure to be followed while calling to the other country. Calling from us to India is a matter of few steps. Here is a complete step-by-step guide on how to call India from the US country. Let us have a look at how we can call from India to USA.

Steps for Calling India from U.S. Toll-free

1) First of all, you can enter the USA exit code i.e. 011 initially.

2) After that enter the country code for India 91 just next to the 011

3) then dial the local area code for a local area in India. For example, the local area code of Mumbai is 22. so, you will dial the area code 22 after the 91 here.

4) After that enter the cell phone number of the subject or person.

So that was 4 steps to dial a number from the United States to India.

Now let’s have an example for a better understanding.


Jano wants to call Divi from the United States. Phone Number of Divi is XXXXXXXXXX. Divi’s local area code is ##. So, Jano dials the number as 011-91-##-XXXXXXXXXX.

That’s the simplest way to call in India from the United States. Here are different area codes in India.

area codes in India- Part1

area codes in India- part3

area codes in India-Part2

Note: These area codes are for landlines only.

Calling from the U.S. to India by Calling Card

Calling via the local method is not expensive, but it is not for you if you are not patient. The calling through local method requires time to united states exit then connecting to India then after that connecting to the area and finally dialing your number. This takes time. This nowadays no one uses this method. People prefer to use calling cards rather than dialing codes.

Calling cards charge you according to cellular minutes, that’s the notable point. A calling card allows you to call the person directly, no matter in which country he is or in which area, has wifi or not. You just have to select the contact and dial the number. You will directly get connected there. But there are some charges like sim cards. You can prefer these plans if you need to call India every day.

This was a short guide on how to call India from unites states. Hope it helps.

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